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Fast-track your journey to med school whether you’re still in high school, at university – or a non-traditional applicant.

Nail the NAC-OSCE exam with an online or in-person exam coaching, practice and crash courses.

Be matched with top schools, make smarter selections – and stand out from the pack.

Prepare for your Direct MD pathway as early as grade 9 with our advisors.

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Are you setting your hopes on going to a top med school in the U.S., Canada or overseas, but need a little help to get there? We can help you succeed like few others can—from as early as high school!

Our top advisors will ensure you master the challenges of the med school application and interview process. All with less confusion, lower stress, and fewer missteps along the way.

92% Admissions Success Rate

Since 2008, we’ve blazed a trail in successful admissions, ranking as North America’s leading provider of medical school application preparation and coaching.

Get matched to a specialized coach to achieve your individual goals and objectives for getting into medical school.

Top 10 benefits of working with MedApps

Our experienced advisors will develop a customized plan tailored to your unique strengths and goals, maximizing your chances of securing admission to medical school or residency.

Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive interview preparation, including mock interviews and expert feedback to help you confidently tackle any interview scenario.

Our advisors provide personalized career guidance, helping you make informed decisions about specialty choices and career paths to align with your aspirations.

Benefit from our track record of success. Our clients have achieved remarkable acceptance rates to prestigious medical schools and residency programs worldwide.

Tap into our network of practicing doctors and medical professionals who possess invaluable insider knowledge about the admissions process, program requirements, and industry trends.

Enhance the impact of your application essays with our expert editing services. Our advisors will provide constructive feedback and help you craft compelling narratives that stand out to admissions committees.

Ensure that your application documents, including CVs, transcripts, and letters of recommendation, are polished and error-free, leaving a strong impression on admissions officers.

Receive ongoing support and guidance throughout the application process, boosting your confidence and alleviating the stress associated with this critical stage of your medical career.

We take a holistic approach, considering all aspects of your application, including academic achievements, extracurricular activities, research experience, and community involvement, to present a well-rounded profile.

Connect with like-minded individuals, current medical students, and professionals through our extensive network, opening doors to mentorship, research collaborations, and future career prospects.

Be Paired With A Top Medical Advisor

Your Medical School Application Consultant will mesh with your personality and needs. Not only do you receive expert guidance but you gain the benefit of years of experience in healthcare.

Evidenced-Based Programs that Really Work

From medical school interview tips, medical school interview coaching through assistance with your letter for medical school application to CASPer or residency matching.

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