Last Updated on July 7, 2020

Your journey to become a medical school applicant doesn’t begin today. It starts with all the years of hard work you put to submit a strong application. Those long hours of study to attain high GPA and MCAT scores must be put into good use. The last thing you want is to make mistakes when filling out your AMCAS application that cause you to be disqualified. We will share with you tips that can make your application stand out and increase your chances of getting accepted at a top medical school in the US.

Selecting Suitable Schools

First things first, you need to do some research on the medical schools in the US that accept international students who are not permanent residents or citizens. Some of those schools that accept international students do not have offers for financial aid. That’s why it is very important to find out if you can afford to enroll in a school before you even apply.

You can apply to more than one school but be strategic when doing so. Remember that submitting a powerful application will take time, money and a lot of effort so do your research ahead of time to narrow down your options. Know the GPA/MCAT average required for each school. Even high achievers should submit applications to around 20 schools. However, bear in mind that the quality of your application is what matters most.

Start Writing Early

Even if you are yet to complete your undergraduate studies, the sooner you start writing the better it is for you. Your personal statement should include only the important information so you can fine tune it as you go along. Remember that good writing takes effort and time to perfect. You need to demonstrate how you are excited to follow your dream to be a physician. If there are phrases that you come along, note them down and they can come in handy when writing your essays and statements.

Most schools will also require you to submit a secondary essay before they can start reviewing your application. This essay is just as important and requires adequate time to write. Remember that if you decide to apply to too many schools, you need to write quality personal essays multiple times before the deadline. Look for secondary prompts from previous years to help you in your writing.

Submit Your AMCAS Application As Early As Possible

If possible, make sure your AMCAS application is received on the first day. Ensure all the supporting documents and any other required materials are submitted on this date. Most schools will review the complete applications and offer interviews on a rolling basis. Try your level best to be among the first batch of candidates whose applications are reviewed at the initial stages. Just don’t be in a hurry to send the application only to realize that it has some incomplete information. You may also seek the help of an experienced consultant when filling your AMCAS application to increase your chances of success.

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