Last Updated on July 10, 2020

Admission Criteria for IMGs Who Want Medical Residency in Canada

Summary of Admission Criteria for IMGs

Preliminary training in the United States is considered an accredited postgraduate training for eligibility to iterate the first R-1 match. Candidates who have completed preliminary training in the United States are therefore not eligible to participate in the first iteration.

Must be pre-approved by the Conference of Vice-Deans for Postdoctoral Studies of Quebec Faculties of Medicine;

Return of service for individuals in IMG-only positions (ie, CMGs or IMGs who are matched to one IMG position in the second iteration will receive a return service as an appendix).

It should also be noted that IMGs matched to a position in the CMG stream in the second iteration will not have an attached service return.

IMG applicants must first be evaluated by the Alberta International Medical Graduate Program (AIMG). Please refer to Alberta Provincial Criteria for information on the second iteration.

IMGs with Service Obligations (ROS) must disclose them at the time of application. IMGs with unpaid obligations cannot be eligible for Ministry-funded training positions in Ontario. These people may wish to contact the Ministry for more information.

All IMG flow positions in the first iteration have an attached service return. The vacant positions in the IMG component of the second iteration, with the exception of family medicine, are only available to IMGs and have a return of service. The vacant positions in the CMG component of the second iteration are open to CMGs and IMGs.

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