Last Updated on March 13, 2024

Common Questions about CASPer®

The CASPer® test is an online screening tool which is designed to evaluate key personal and professional characteristics which make for successful graduates and students. The evaluation is more effective than traditional evaluation which has been found to be ineffective in distinguishing good applicants. CASPer® has been found to increase fairness when it comes to applicant evaluation by offering admissions as well as selections committees with reliable measure of traits such as ethics, professionalism, empathy and communication. Below are answers to frequently asked questions that will help better understand CASPer®.

Is it possible to reschedule the CASPer® test?

Yes, you can reschedule the test at any point. You need to do so before viewing the content of the test. This can be done at no cost provided the test times and dates are still available.

How are the CASPer® tests rated?

Every section of the CASPer® test is scored using a unique rater. This is what makes the CASPer® score a great measure which is made of independent impressions of you. The raters are all instructed to overlook the test-taker’s mistakes in grammar and spelling. Spelling and grammar does not affect your score.

The rater completes the training session as well as accreditation prior to being permitted to score the CASPer® responses. What is more is that all responses are anonymized. This is done to ensure that the rater doesn’t know who you are or how you’ve performed on the other sections.

How are the CASPer® scores used?

The CASPer® points are used in various ways by diverse programs. You will find more information on program-specific use of CASPer® scores on the website of an individual program such as the CASPer® test for medical schools. Depersonalized data can be used for research purposes while following the legal and ethical research standards.

How are payments made?

You pay when scheduling a test date. All payments are handled online. Major debit and credit cards are accepted. You should, however, note that the payments are non-refundable and final. The incorrect selection of a program will not be accepted as grounds for any refund. You have to select a program carefully. The payments are valid for the selected application cycle.

How long does the CASPer® test take?

On average, the CASPer® test takes about 90 minutes. This includes the introduction and 65 minutes of questions. An optional break midway through is also included. Candidates are advised to register for tests at least 3 days prior to the preferred test date. This gives room for the verification of the account and payment processing.

What happens if I’m unavailable for the posted CASPer® test dates?

CASPer® is not able to adapt to individual schedules. The test dates are all pre-programmed with the academic programs and the results are processed as a group to guarantee punctual delivery. Every test instance has unique content and a team to aid the test takers.

Where do I take the CASPer® test?

You only need a computer with reliable Internet access to take the test. The tests are taken at takeCASPer®.com.

If you need more information on CASPer® tests, you can visit www.takeCASPer®.com to learn more. Here you will also find sample CASPer® content and test dates and fees.

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