How to Decide if you should Re-Write the MCAT

MCAT Re-write

How to Decide if you should Re-Write the MCAT

To re-write or to not re-write my MCAT? That is the question posed by many test-takers in the pursuit of competitive scores. Here are some questions to help you decide:

Do I need to be concerned of all section scores?

First, know some medical schools do not require the MCAT (e.g. Northern Ontario School of Medicine and some applicants to McGill) and others are only interested in one section of it (e.g. McMaster and Calgary only consider your Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section score). Do your research and keep this in mind as you read on.

How to Decide to Re-write the MCAT

Does my score meet the minimum requirements?

As with GPA, many schools set minimum MCAT scores below which your application will not be considered. Accordingly, if your MCAT score falls below these minimums for the medical schools you most wish to apply to, it is an easy decision: Re-write.

Is my score competitive?

A goodmeasure of competitiveness is to compare your score to the average score of accepted applicants. These data are usually made public by each medical school. If your score is above the average, congrats, re-writing is probably unnecessary. If your score is below it, read on.

How will schools count multiple MCAT scores?

Usually, all your valid MCAT scores will be seen by admissions. Different schools use multiple sets of scores in different ways:

  1. Weigh all sets of scores equally,
  2. Use only the most recent set of scores,
  3. Use only the highest set of scores from 1 test date, or
  4. Combine the highest subsection scores from different test dates.

Check which category your schools of interest fit into. Categories 3 and 4 give more advantage to re-writes, as Categories 1 and 2 may result in few additional points, or worse if you score lower in your most recent attempt.

What is the probability I can attain a higher score?

The average of your last few practice tests is your best estimate of score potential. If your real MCAT score is above this average, do not re-write as it is unlikely you will do much better on subsequent attempts unless you are willing to devote significantly more preparation time. If your real MCAT score is notably below that average, you should seriously consider re-writing as it is very realistic you can score better.

How important is my MCAT score in making my application competitive?

The MCAT is one component of a large application, and usually only counts for 10-20% of your total admissions score. If your GPA and non-academic activities are very strong, you can probably get away with a below-average MCAT score. However, if you were hoping for a higher MCAT score to offset a below-average GPA for example, it might be worthwhile to re-write.

If you are still not sure if you should re-write your MCAT, our medical consultants are here to help you decide. These doctors are experts at reviewing and evaluating the competitiveness of your medical school applications. Click here to see what we offer.

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