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MedApplications™ provides pre-dental students and university/college students considering dentistry a comprehensive personalized strategy to being successful in pursuing a dental career. Our Dentistry specialists are leaders in North America in providing pre-dental students with the skills, guidance and experience they need to successfully gain admission to the most prestigious Dental schools in North America. With few schools offering Dentistry programs, it is essential that pre-dental candidates perform at a high academic level and secure competitive scores on the DAT (Dental Admissions Test).

Canadian Dental Association (CDA) Structured Interview and the Dental MMI

Applying to dental school and interviewing to become a Doctor of Dental Medicine has become increasingly challenging in Canada. The format of the Dental School Interview can take on many forms, including, the CDA structure interview, Dental Multiple Mini Interview (Dental MMI), or a traditional panel style Dental interview. The interview’s mandate is to screen candidates for their eligibility and suitability to be a successful dental student and eventual dentist.

For many interviewers, assessing critical thinking, cognitive skills and communication skills are most important. For other dental school interviewers, ethics, community, leadership and scholarly accomplishments are essential. Regardless of what they are looking for, MedApplications™ can help you expertly prepare for any Dental School Interview in any format. We specialize in the CDA structured interview and Multiple Mini Interviews, assisting students in gaining successful entry into Dentistry within Canada and the United States.

At MedApplications™ our diverse team of Dentists, Dental Students, Dental Admissions Officers and MD/DDS consultants are here to support your Dental School interview preparation and build your confidence. As the leading interview preparation firm in Medicine, we have incorporated our many years of expertise into the field of Dentistry with a greater than 90% admission rate in Canada and the United States.

Practicing with CDA Structured Interview Questions

There are a variety of core competencies that are assessed by interviewers at Dental schools that administer the CDA Structured Interview.

  1. Critical Thinking: A significant component of excelling in the Dental School Interview is the ability to think quickly on your feet. At MedApplications™ we teach you how to effectively think about, solve and articulate a successful CDA answer or MMI scenario response.
  2. Communication: As a Dentist, communicating with your patients and articulating your treatment plan and Dental assessment will be critical to a successful dental practice. Our MedApplications™ Dental Interview Preparation program will expertly prepare you to interact with examiners, interviewers, actors and real patients through our reproducible interview algorithms.
  3. Ethics: Integrating an advanced knowledge of ethics in healthcare is essential in demonstrating an effective grasp of the core principles of Dental Medicine. For many applicants, they are unsure how best to approach these challenging scenarios. Our Dental School Interview experts help students prepare for the CDA interview and MMI interview scenarios with confidence.

Preparing for your Dental School Interview can be challenging. Many excellent candidates fail to transfer their outstanding academic performance, achievements and extra-curricular endeavours to the Dental School Interview. It is important to train yourself to effectively navigate interview questions, while showcasing your best personal attributes. As the leading Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) preparation company in North America, our medical consultants specialize in preparing pre-Dental students for the CDA structured interview, traditional panel interview for Dentistry and the Multiple Mini Interview for Dental School. We combined our evidence-based approach to the CDA interview with real life practice and mock interviews.

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Creating the most Competetive Dental School Application

The Application to Dental School: ADEA AADSAS

Creative a competitive Dentistry school candidate profile is essential in gaining acceptance to Dental school in Canada and the United states. Depending on the Dentistry program, application requirements will vary from Personal Statements, Activities Lists or Curriculum Vitae. Regardless of the requirements, pre-dental candidates must provide a well-rounded dentistry profile that appeals to the Dentistry schools’ admissions committees. 

In the United States and in Canada, the AADSAS is an Autobiographical Sketch equivalent that captures the diversity of your experiences in one Dental Application form. At MedApplications™ our dentists work with you on all aspects of your Dental School application.

Creating a Competetive ADEA AADSAS Personal Statement

Dentistry Admissions Consulting Canada

Creating a compelling personal statement as to why you want to become a dentist is a critical part of the ADEA AADSAS application. Along with your academic achievements, the ADEA AADSAS Personal statement is your opportunity to share with the admissions committee why you have decided to pursue a career in dentistry. Take advantage of this rare opportunity and put your best foot forward with our experienced dentistry team.

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Helping you succeed with our Dentistry Admissions Process

  • Detailed Candidate Evaluation to assess your competitiveness for dentistry in North America
  • Live Dental Consultations with practicing Dentists
  • Dental School Eligibility Criteria Review
  • Advising you on what “What Marks do I need for Dentistry?”
  • Helping your prepare with Practice Dental Interview Questions
  • Comprehensive overview of Dentistry Application Requirements
  • Full service support if you are Applying to Dentistry in Canada
  • Comprehensive support if you are Applying to Dentistry in the United States

Common Question about getting into Dentistry

Common questions that pre-dental students ask include: Dental School GPA Cutoffs, Dental School DAT Cutoffs, Dental School Application Requirements, Dental School Interview Requirements and How do I make myself competitive towards a Dental school application? Our Dentists provide you with the guidance an experience to succeed. Many of our medical colleagues too collaborate with Doctors of Dental medicine in Maxiofacial Surgery and Otolaryngology.

Why choose a Dentistry Admissions prep program with MedApplications?

High grades and an impressive resume aren’t enough on their own. You also need to sell yourself to the American and Canadian dental schools through a stellar ADEA AADSAS application that demonstrates you are a notch above the rest.

Students with excellent GPAs, DAT scores, and extracurriculars often get turned down because their application failed to:

  • Follow best practices for writing a Personal Statement
  • Powerfully demonstrate how they are a strong candidate for dental school
  • Hit all the right buttons with the dental applications committee

The best way to prepare a successful application is to consult someone who’s been through it before. Expert guidance with your interview, reference letters, and personal statements will give you the edge required to gain acceptance to your dream dental school.

The MedApplications team will consult and coach you on all aspects of your dentistry application—and will even make strategic edits for you. We specialize in helping students get into their top choice dental schools across the United States and Canada, and we’ve done this for thousands of students already with a high success rate.

Our Dental School Admissions Program Includes:

  • Application Editing. Avoid making costly mistakes on your application. Our team knows exactly what to look for when editing your application and essays.
  • GPA and DAT score analysis. Find out how your grades stack up against other candidates. We’ll analyze your GPA and test scores and provide feedback about how they’ll factor into your application.
  • ADEA AADSAS Analysis. Do you know what to highlight in your autobiographical sketch? We’ll review your sketch and provide actionable recommendations.
  • Personal Statement Review. We’ll help you answer school-specific supplementary applications by reviewing your answers and providing crucial feedback.
  • CASPer test Prep Available. Our experts know exactly what’s required to ace the CASPer Test and will arm you with practice questions and feedback.
  • MMI Mock interview Prep Available. Hone your skills through mock interviews with real doctors and trained patients. This service is integral to give you the practice and feedback you need to succeed at the intimidating interview stage.

Secure your future in a Dental school by receiving expert guidance for your application.

Great academics, research experience, and extracurriculars aren’t enough to study dentistry in the United States or Canada. You need to have an excellent application and interview—and the best way to guarantee that is with the guidance of top industry experts.

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