Medical School Entry: Direct Entry MD Programs

Direct MD/BSc, MD/BA, Medical Early Acceptance Programs

For many high school students who know they want to pursue medical school from high school, accelerated direct medical school entry programs, including, MD/BSc and MD/BA programs are a perfect solution. There are many benefits from a direct medical program and early acceptance to medical school, however, the competition to gain acceptance to these coveted programs increases with every year.

What Is the Advantage of Applying to an Accelerated BA/MD or BSc/MD Program?

Early medical acceptance programs are intended for high achieving high school students who have decided to pursue a career in medicine. Traditional college or undergraduate degrees leave tremendous uncertainty in regards to academic performance, and many high school students feel confident in gaining acceptance and reassurance early on in their academic career.

Early admission to medical school provides confidence and alleviates a significant amount of stress. Whether pursue direct medical school entry programs in the United States, internationally or in Canada.

Direct Entry Medicine (5 or 6 Years) MB BCh BAO and MBBS

The Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery designation is a popular designation administered by European Union medical schools, including Ireland and the United Kingdom. For high school students interested in applying for the Direct Medical entry programs in Europe, programs are typically 5 or 6 years in length.

What Score Do I Need on the SAT for Medical School?

Applying to direct medical school entry in the United States requires exceptional academic performance and commitment to high grades and a top SAT score. While there is no absolute ACT or SAT cutoff, it is highly recommended that students perform at above the 80th percentile to ensure they apply with a competitive medical school candidate profile.

Early Medical School Acceptance Program

The Early Medical School Acceptance Program (EMSAP) is an undergraduate and medical school educational program that provides highly qualified students an enriched undergraduate experience in preparation for medical or dental school. EMSAP provides a path to medical/dental school that offers undergraduate students maximum flexibility in exploring the humanities, neurosciences, social sciences, or any other major.

EMSAP is not an accelerated BS/MD program; it expects students to spend four years at UAB as an undergraduate and an additional four years in medical or dental school. Applicants can only apply for EMSAP as seniors in high school. After successful completion of program requirements and graduation from an undergraduate program, the program assures highly motivated undergraduates admission to the UAB School of Medicine. Students applying for EMSAP should note that it is their responsibility to submit all materials by December 15th, including teacher recommendation letters. It is highly recommended that you check, well in advance, with the persons writing your letters to ensure their submission.

EMSAP Application Process

The EMSAP application is necessary for students wishing to apply to the Early Medical, Early Dental, or Early Optometry School Acceptance Programs. You may enroll in EMSAP alongside additional Honors College options at UAB; however, this application will not automatically qualify you for admission to other Honors College opportunities.


You must be admitted to UAB as a first-time freshman no later than December 1, 2017, in order to apply for EMSAP. Please prepare the items below for upload in the application. You will not be able to log back into this application once you submit it, so be sure you have everything ready before you proceed to the next step. Essays and resumes must be submitted in pdf format and should not include pictures or unusual fonts.

  1. Resume: Prepare a resume listing your activities, interests, and accomplishments in high school.
  2. Essay: Write an essay of no more than 500 words using the prompt below as a guideline. Please tailor your essay to reflect your interest in UAB and the EMSAP program and include your name and BlazerID on your essay.
  3. Essay prompt: Describe the background experiences you have and future goals that you hope to attain that may make you uniquely qualified to be a future physician, dentist, or optometrist.
  4. Recommendation Letters: Please have ready the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of two people who will provide letters of recommendation in support of your application to EMSAP. You will be prompted for this information in a confirmation message following the submission of your EMSAP application. These recommendations can be from teachers, counselors, employers, or anyone else who can speak to your potential in EMSAP at UAB. Please make sure that these individuals know something about this program and can comment on why you would be a successful candidate for this program. Note that EMSAP has an early deadline and that this may be the first letter of recommendation such people write for you for college, so please request your letters well in advance of the deadline.

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