Last Updated on December 11, 2023

Finding the Right Outfit

for Medical School Interview

When you’re given an opportunity to attend an interview at a medical school, one of the factors that is just as important as how you answer questions is your presentation. As a way of preparing for the interview, plan around what you’ll wear. Your dressing should help in presenting you as a professional to the panel. Plan what to wear ahead of time to minimize stress on the days approaching the interview.

Make A First Impression

Your dressing alone can go a long way in making that desirable first impression. Within the first few seconds of meeting someone, you tend to create an impression based on their overall appearance. Your interviewer will notice things like your level of hygiene, professionalism and attention to detail by looking at your overall appearance. But remember that you want interviewers to notice your friendly personality and strong responses rather than your outfit.

What To Wear – Females

First, take note of the colors you wear. Choose laid-back colors such as grey, navy blue and black which you can pair with white or pastel. Should you decide to wear a skirt suit, make sure the length of the skirt is not more than 3 inches above the knee when you’re seated. If you decide to wear stockings, choose a neutral tone and make sure they don’t have any patterns.

Choose shoes that are comfortable since you might find yourself walking a lot and the last thing you want is pain from blisters that will make you uncomfortable during the interview. You can always have some makeup on but try and ensure it’s conservative. Aim for a natural and neutral look. Jewelry should be minimal. For instance, simple stud earrings instead of huge loops will do. You can have your hair pulled back. This will help you to avoid touching it absent-mindedly as the interview is ongoing.

What To Wear – Males

For males, it’s also wise to go for the neutral colors such as gray, black and navy. A suitable suit with a plain white shirt and a silk tie will do. Make sure the shoes and socks also have laid-back designs. Avoid jewelry, unless it’s a watch or wedding ring. Make sure you visit the barbershop for a clean shave. If you have facial hair and want to maintain your look, ensure you’re looking neatly-groomed.

Avoid Distracting Scents

Sometimes using strong perfumes is not recommended given that there are individuals who are sensitive and react to them. There are even medical schools that state on the interview invite that applicants should avoid using strong scented products. Sometimes the everyday products you use such as your hair wash or shower gel can have a strong scent. Refrain from using anything that is heavily scented on the day of the interview. At the end of the day, you don’t want to irritate or distract the panel during the interview.

Watch out for any other special requests that the school may have in regards to your dress code or presentation as you prepare for the interview.

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