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Have you completed your medical degree abroad in the UK, Australia, the Caribbean or at another international faculty? Is your plan to practice medicine in Canada or the US? Look to our team of advisors to help secure your ideal IMG residency match … and launch a successful career as a doctor in North America.

With new international medical graduate competition on the rise each year, securing a good medical residency can be extremely challenging for an IMG in Canada. And being matched with the right US residency for an IMG doctor can be even tougher. In most cases, it won’t be enough to simply apply through CaRMS or ERAS. You’ll need to carefully position and polish your application to outshine other strong candidates with degrees from North American medical faculties.

Since 2008, MedApplications have been a trusted resource for IMGs hailing from medical schools around the world. Securing medical residency in the US, or medical residency in Canada for international students today requires the specialized advice of experienced advisors and a focused strategy for success.

Our leading consulting team, evidence-based approach and strong track record of success are just a few reasons why we remain the first choice for most young doctors seeking the best fit IMG residency match in Canada or the US.

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International Medical Graduates: secure your spot in a Canadian or US residency program with us!

What you should know about medical residency in Canada for international students

Of course, the best way for a foreign national to practice medicine in North America is securing a good residency here. For an IMG in Canada or the US, getting selected at a choice residency, however, can be challenging as competition for these select positions is extremely tough.

Here are some tips to help IMGs compete for and IMG residency match:

A. Be sure you are eligible

Take care that you can meet all the eligibility requirements that may vary depending on the Canadian or US residency program you hope to attend. For starters, you will need to:

B. Make certain you meet specific state or province requirements

Depending on where you are applying, different provinces and states have their own special requirements. In some cases, you may have to provide additional documentation or forms to verify your medical degree. It is also possible you will be asked to complete additional examinations, or sign an agreement indicating you are committed to practicing in a medical specialty for a specific window of time.

C. Demonstrate your true worth and fit.

The truth is your application will have to stand out and be exceptional, over and above many others who completed their degree here in North American medical schools. For IMGs in Canada and the US, securing residency means extra attention and hard work to make the strongest pitch possible. Only then will you have hope of securing the IMG residency match you desire. Ensure you have stellar reference letters and are crystal clear to the evaluators about why and where you want to practice medicine, and why you are a superior fit for their program. All these things will factor into whether or not you will be accepted at a good residency.


Why choose an IMG residency match and application program with MedApplications

Beat the competition and land a medical residency in North America:

IMG doctors: So how can you make sure you have that special edge to compete with and beat out Canadian and US medical school graduates? We can make it happen. With MedApplications in your court, you will have all the resources, counselling and professional advice you’ll need to ensure your application is a notch above the rest.

Be coached by the best:

Unlike other medical school application programs, ours provides focused and personal coaching . Depending on your specialty and preferred location, we’ll pair you with a consultant who has deep experience to help support your application.

Get invaluable assistance with your NAC OSCE, residency interviews, medical CV, and more:

At MedApplications, we provide a full spectrum of coaching, guidance, exam and interview preparation along with other resources to equip any IMG in Canada or the US to launch a successful medical career. Through focused coaching, evaluations and mock exams, can help you strengthen your:

Trust in an evidence-based, data-driven program

There’s no guesswork. Our leading IMG residency matching and consulting services are based on tried, trusted and fully measurable methodologies. Our coaches use scientific data and analytics to accurately guide where they advise you to apply. We also use a data-driven approach also to gauge the strength of your application and your likelihood of success with your targeted residency.

Your Success is our Success

With our Ultimate IMG Residency Program, MedApplications offers you unlimited support to help you achieve your medical residency goals.

92% Admissions Success Rate

Since 2008, we’ve blazed a trail in successful admissions, ranking as North America’s leading provider of medical school application preparation and coaching.

Get matched to a specialized coach to achieve your individual goals and objectives for getting into medical school.


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MedApplications International Medical Graduates: Canada and US Residency Preparation and Application Programs:

Premium IMG Residency Program

  • Apply to any 1 specialty in CaRMS or ERAS
  • 2 Residency Consultations with Licensed Physicians
  • Unlimited Editing/Review of 1 Personal Statement
  • Unlimited Editing/Review of 1 CV
  • 1 CASPer Preparation Session
  • Program Selection and ROL Guidance

Comprehensive IMG Residency Program

  • Apply to any 2 specialties in CaRMS or ERAS
  • 4 Residency Consultations with Licensed Physicians
  • Unlimited Editing/Review of 2 Personal Statements
  • Unlimited Editing/Review of 2 CVs
  • 2 CASPer Preparation Session
  • rogram Selection and ROL Guidance

Ultimate IMG Residency Program with NAC OSCE

  • Apply to unlimited specialties in CaRMS or ERAS
  • Unlimited Consultations with Licensed Physicians
  • Unlimited Application Development and Editing
  • Unlimited Personalized CASPer Preparation
  • Unlimited Personalized NAC OSCE Preparation
  • Assistance with Program Selection and LORs
  • Letters of Recommendation Review
  • MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation) Review
  • Success Guarantee

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