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Our leading North American medical consulting firm specializes in medical school acceptance, residency matching and International Medical Graduates and Foreign trained medical doctor placement. This specialization provides you the most up to date, evidence-based and successful practices. Our physicians are the brightest minds in medical education, using proven strategies to help you succeed. Our advice and guidance is specific to your medical pathway. Here are a few of the common pre-medical candidates we work with. However, the sky’s the limit.

The University or College Pre-Medical Student

The vast majority of potential medical student candidates have identified early on that a career in medicine is their number one goal. Our physicians help you achieve that goal. Through comprehensive strategic guidance, personalized medical coaching, application review, interview preparation and CASPer® simulations, we take the guesswork out of medical school. One of the major benefits of our program is targeted medical relationship. We pair you with a medical coach specific to your career goals. Interested in pursuing medicine at an Ivey League school in the United States? We can help. Interested in pursuing medicine at the University of Toronto? We know what it takes. By streamlining your medical school admissions process, we target the specific criteria you need to be successful.

The University or College Non-Science Student

The changing landscape of medical school requirements has opened the door for many university and college students who have not pursued a typical science degree, but have acquired the necessary pre-requisites. Now, students with music, language and English majors can successfully apply and gain acceptance to medical school. Our medical coaches specifically develop your candidate profile, medical school application and interview answers to reflect a well-balanced, creative and adaptable approach to medicine. MedApplications™ has had tremendous success shaping the future of pre-medical school preparation. Prior to medical school, we also offer refresher courses to bring you up to speed alongside your colleagues.

The Non-Traditional Medical School Applicant

Changing your career to pursue medicine has several unique challenges. For many non-traditional medical school applicants, there are many questions as to the best approach for pursuing a medical career. For many applicants understanding the options available, the competition and the best pathway for success are unknown. As practicing physicians, we assist non-traditional applicants in reinventing themselves, securing medical placements, adapting existing experiences and creating a competitive applicant profile. Our Non-Traditional Medical School specialists are here to help you succeed.

The High School Student

At MedApplications™ we firmly believe it is never too early to start thinking about becoming a doctor. Some of our most successful students have started as early as grade 9, ensuring that maximize any and all opportunities to be the best pre-medical candidate possible. With a growing trend towards pursuing medicine directly from high school (Direct Medical School Entry and Early Assurance Programs), our medical specialists are experts in supporting High School students pursue their dreams of medicine. We also assist in the challenging transition to pre-medical programs and are experts in the most coveted combined MD/BSc and early entry programs in Canada (QuARMS) and the United States.

The International Medical Graduate

Successfully matching to a Canadian or American residency program as an IMG (International Medical Graduate) has become increasingly more difficulty. In recent years, under 25% of IMGs have successfully matched in CaRMS® or ERAS® in any medical specialty. The introduction of the NAC Examination (National Assessment Collaboration Examination) added an additional layer of complexity to successfully matching. At MedApplications™ we take a target approach by pairing you with a medical coach from your specialty of interest. This provides you with an amazing medical coach who knows exactly what it takes to match to your desired medical specialty. Over 86% of our IMG candidates with core baseline criteria match to their first choice of specialty.

The Canadian Medical Graduate

CaRMS® Canadian medical residency matching has become incredibly competitive as the landscape of medical students applying for covered medical residencies has increased. Preforming at a high level during clinical rotations is just the tip of the iceberg when considering the multitude of factors necessary for your success. Our diverse medical consultants have been in your positions and have succeeded in gaining acceptance to the most challenging medical specialties in North America. With our first hand experience, targeted guidance to your prospective medical residency and unparalleled support, you will have all the key ingredients to succeed.

The American Medical Graduate

The ERAS® American medical residency matching process is one of the most competitive applications worldwide. Each year, tens of thousands of applicants from countries worldwide apply for the chance to pursue medical residency in the United States. Our diverse team of medical professionals can assist you with planning medical electives, securing letters of recommendation and gaining acceptance to the most difficult medical specialities in the United States. Through our approach of providing you with a medical coach representing your medical specialty, we have completely streamlined the match process. Your personal medical coach will guide you through the ERAS® application, ERAS® Interview, program selection and letters of reference.

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  • MD Application Strategy (120 Minutes)
  • ABS Strategy Session (60 Minutes)
  • MD School Selection/Competitiveness (60 Minutes)
  • ABS and Application Edit/Review
  • Reference Letter Review (60 Minutes)
  • CASPer Preparation (90 Minutes)
  • Interview Preparation (MPI, MMI, Panel)
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  • – Application Revisions
  • – CASPer Tests
  • – Mock Interviews
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