What is the MMI?

Are you familiar with the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)? This unique interview-style is widely utilized by numerous medical schools, medical residency programs, dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary schools to evaluate prospective students. MMI stands for a Multiple Mini Interview.

he MMI presents a formidable challenge, featuring a series of 8 to 12 short, structured interview stations. Each station involves different interviewers who assess candidates based on personal characteristics, answer responses, ethical approach, healthcare perspectives, and situational scenarios. Communication skills, maturity, work ethic, empathy, and teamwork values are just a few of the qualities that may be evaluated. Given the unpredictable nature of the MMI, building a strong foundation is crucial for your success. At each MMI station, you’ll be presented with a question or scenario and given approximately two minutes of preparation time to formulate your response. During the interview, you may interact with standardized patients, actors, examiners, or even other applicants. In some instances, you may be asked to actively participate in simulating a typical medical scenario, allowing assessors to gauge your real-world problem-solving abilities. Discover the secrets to excelling in the MMI and unlock your potential for success in the professional healthcare world.

Get matched with an MMI Expert. Realistic MMI practice.

Have you been granted an MMI interview? Congratulations! You are among a select few, just one crucial step away from being accepted into your desired professional program.

Work with an MMI advisor specific to your program of study and choice of program.

MedApplications can assist with your MMI prep, your MMI interview skills—and arm you with all you’ll need make the grade. Be coached and guided by our team of specialized advisors and MMI experts.

Our Guarantee.

We match you with the best and most experienced advisors to increase your success in the MMI.

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We prepare you to ACE your MMI Interview:

  • Are you seeking expert guidance for your upcoming MMI? Look no further! We specialize in matching you with a dedicated and experienced MMI advisor who caters specifically to your school and program requirements.
  • Experience Flexibility and Convenience: Our coaching sessions can be conducted in-person or via video-conference, allowing you to receive guidance in a way that suits your preferences and accommodates your busy schedule, no matter where you live or study.
  • Immersive Mock MMI Simulations: Prepare yourself thoroughly with our comprehensive mock MMI simulations. Gain valuable experience and receive constructive feedback to sharpen your skills and increase your confidence.
  • A Holistic Approach to MMI Prep: Our 360-degree approach ensures that you receive a complete program designed to enhance your MMI performance. Benefit from evidence-based preparation methods, detailed rubrics, informative webinars, curated sample questions, personalized coaching tailored to your needs, and valuable feedback that will set you apart from the competition.
  • Success Guaranteed: Our advisors take pride in our success guarantee. We are committed to your success and stand confidently behind our proven track record of helping candidates excel in the MMI.
  • Don’t leave your MMI success to chance. Choose our specialized coaching services and elevate your preparation to new heights. Visit our webpage today and take the first step towards securing your future in the medical field.

How we help you with your MMI:

Succeeding in the MMI means doing your homework and building confidence. Although the MMI does not test specific knowledge, you can’t just wing it. You’ll need to showcase your interpersonal and critical thinking skills in a strictly-timed environment—and in a way that makes the best possible impression on interviewers.

Simply reviewing practice questions and scenarios with friends is not enough MMI prep to ensure you pass. The most effective strategy is to enroll in a top MMI prep program run by experts, ideally medical specialists and MMI experts.

An MMI prep program led by experts is highly recommended to:

  • Overcome your MMI interview anxieties
  • Improve your answers to practice MMI questions, within specific timeframes
  • Understand the MMI interview structure and requirements of your specific school, and
  • Ensure you are fully prepared and well-practiced to ace the Multiple Mini Interviews
  • Prepare for your: Medical School MMI (MD/DO), Dental School MMI/CDA, Veterinary School MMI (OVC), Pharmacy School MMI, Optometry School MMI, Nurse Practitioner MMI, Physician Assistant MMI

After all, you don’t want to risk rejection at this critical stage… when you are so close to medical school acceptance.

Fields of Study Covered by Our MMI Preparation Program

  • Medical School (MD/DO)
  • Medical Residency (CARMS/ERAS)
  • International Medical Graduates (IMG)
  • Direct MD & QuARMS
  • Dentistry (CDA/IDAPP)
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Pharmacy & Nursing
  • Allied Health Professionals

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Why choose a prep program from MedApplications?

It’s simple: We match you with a hand-picked MMI advisor who has achieved what you want to achieve. We care about your success and we help you achieve it!

MedApplications has designed the leading Multiple Mini Interview preparation program in North America. Our advisors and MMI experts for dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and other careers, are top professionals who will equip you with everything you need to succeed in your Multiple Mini Interview.

This includes specialized tips and tricks, patented Multiple Mini Interview algorithms, and hundreds of Multiple Mini Interview scenarios and practice questions. With MedApplications, you get:

  • Coaching by practicing healthcare professionals
  • Preparation in understanding issues relevant to the MMI: CanMEDS roles, medical and non-medical ethics, medical legal matters, Canadian and American healthcare issues, and relevant veterinary, pharmacy and dental content as needed.
  • Best practice approaches to the most common Multiple Mini Interview stations
  • Personal guidance to master acting, critical thinking and communication stations
  • Focused training via mock interview circuits designed with an increasing level of difficulty to build your confidence, skill set and finesse
  • Both English and French language programs available

MMI Advisor Spotlight


Ryan is a family doctor based in Victoria, BC, and has worked for MedApplications since 2017. He completed his Doctor of Medicine at UBC Medical School and his residency at the University of Alberta. Ryan’s professional interests include community mental health and medical education.
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Sandra is completing her Family Medicine Residency and has special interest indoing inpatient and outpatient medicine. She completed medical school at St.George’s University in Grenada after completing her Bachelor’s Degree at McMasterUniversity in Kinesiology. During her time off, she enjoys skiing, snow shoeing,hiking, cycling and searching for the best bakery in town.
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Collier is currently an ophthalmology resident. He graduated medical school from the University of Toronto, after finishing a Bachelor’s of Medical Sciences with Honours Specialization in Physiology at the University of Western Ontario. He is passionate about working with the underserved, as well as researching cutting-edge ocular imaging technologies.
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Ensure Your Success with our MMI Packages!


  • MMI Resource Folder
  • MMI Coaching (High Yield Practice Questions)
  • Full-Length MMI Mock Interview with Feedback
  • MMI Interview Feedback with Rubric (Via Videoconference)
  • In-Person Prep Subject to COVID-19 Guidelines*     
  • Extended Interview Preparation Sessions*
  • Mix and Match
  • Acceptance Guarantee*
  • Working with Experts – The Match Guarantee

Introductory MMI Interview Program

  • MMI Practice Questions
  • MMI Coaching (High Yield Practice Questions) 1 Hour Coaching
  • Full-Length MMI Mock Interview with Feedback 1 Mock Interview
  • MMI Interview Feedback with Rubric (Via Videoconference)

Premium MMI Interview Program

  • MMI Resource Folder
  • MMI Coaching (High Yield Practice Questions) 1 Hour Coaching
  • Full-Length MMI Mock Interview with Feedback 3 Mock Interviews
  • MMI Interview Feedback with Rubric (Via Videoconference)

Comprehensive MMI Interview Program

  • MMI Resource Folder
  • MMI Coaching (High Yield Practice Questions) 1.5 Hours Coaching
  • Full-Length MMI Mock Interview with Feedback 5 Mock Interviews
  • MMI Interview Feedback with Rubric (Via Videoconference)
  • Extended Interview Preparation Sessions* Available
  • Available
  • Mix and Match
  • Working with Experts – The Match Guarantee

Ultimate MMI Interview Program

  • MMI Resource Folder
  • MMI Coaching (High Yield Practice Questions) 4 Hours Coaching
  • Full-Length MMI Mock Interview with Feedback 10 Mock Interviews*
  • MMI Interview Feedback with Rubric (Via Videoconference)
  • In-Person Prep subject to COVID-19 Guidelines*
  • Extended Interview Preparation Sessions* Available
  • Mix and Match
  • Acceptance Guarantee*
  • Working with Experts – The Match Guarantee

Have questions about mastering your MMI Interviews?

Choose MMI Preparation if you are applying to the following Canadian Medical Schools:

In Ontario:

  • McMaster University Medical School (Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine)
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM)
  • Queen’s University

In Quebec:

  • McGill Faculty of Medicine (English and French)
  • Universite de Laval (French)
  • Universite de Montreal (French)
  • Universite de Sherbrooke (French)

In Western Canada:

  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Saskatchewan

In Eastern Canada:

  • Dalhousie University
  • Memorial University
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