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NOSM’s longstanding focus on creating community advocates and rural health experts in a move to expand the umbrella of primary care is unparalleled across the province. North Ontario School of Medicine’s Multiple Mini Interview encompasses NOSMs dedication towards primary care in rural Ontario. For many applicants to NOSM their passion and devotion to rural and aboriginal health is central to their application.

At MedApplications, our NOSM trained physicians have first-hand experience overcoming the challenges of practicing in rural settings. Resource scarcity, cultural variation, geographical obstacles, among others, create a unique setting to establish yourself as a physician leader. Our focus at MedApplications is to teach you how to embrace these core principles in expertly answering your MMI scenarios.

How To prepare For The Northern Ontario Medical School’s MMI

NOSM Multiple Mini Interview

How to prepare for the NOSM MMI? For many future physicians, NOSM is one of the most challenging medical programs with its unique specifications and student demographic. Most students don’t qualify for the loco-regional advantage, and as a result aim to convince the admissions committee of their passion for rural medical practice in Ontario’s North. One of the major challenges facing students is the real world experience in rural regions. While clinical, research and community initiatives often have many similarities, true rural experience is hard to come by. At MedApplications, our physicians focusing on teaching you the core principles embraced by NOSM and work with you to adapt your skillset and experiences to perfectly fit the NOSM model.

How To Succeed In The NOSM MMI

Medical School Interview

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine has defined its mission to produce physician leaders in Ontario’s rural regions. With this overarching message in mind, candidates must expertly prepare to perform well on interview day.

  • Rural Experience: This is a must and the foundation of your connectedness to NOSM. Know and understand your experiences and how they have shaped your interest in pursuing medicine at NOSM.
  • Rural Healthcare: While an obvious point, many candidates overlook the level of detail required in this area. At MedApplications, our Rural Healthcare prep course covers all the essentials required to ace your NOSM MMI.
  • Passion: Working in rural Ontario requires passion, an unwavering devotion to the craft of medicine and the communities you serve. Don’t leave home without it.
  • Clarity: Think about what defines you and run with it. The NOSM MMI is swift, it is essential to leave your mark.

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