Last Updated on June 15, 2020

Address Information & Personal Information

Demographic Section

The demographic section of the OMSAS application is genrally quite common if you are used to filling out professional school applications. For the OMSAS medical school application, pay close attention to each section and ensure that it is filled out correctly. Mistakes on the OMSAS medical school application can hinder your chances of getting accepted to medical school. If you fall into one of the following categories, please pay close attention:

  • Aboriginal Applicants and OMSAS: For Aboriginal applicants applying to medical school, this declaration is essential in informing schools of your Aboriginal background. For many medical schools in Ontario this is essential. You will be automatically placed into the medical school Aboriginal Applicants stream. Play close attention on how the specific medical school assesses Aboriginal ancestry. Please call the medical school directly to double check you meet all established criteria. For the “First Language” field, include your Native language to ensure that this aspect is complete on your OMSAS medical school application.
  • OMSAS Mailing Address: This section of the OMSAS medical school application is where you identify where you physically live. This can be either your home address or your school address. Ensure that you select “Use home address after May 1” box if you will not be residing at your school address for the summer months. Your permanent address is absolutely essential if you plan on taking advantage of any local benefits at specific medical schools in Ontario.

For students applying to medical schools with an emphasis on rural residency such as the Schulich School of Medicine (Western Medical School) or the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM), the Rural Origins section is an important assessment tool. Include the postal code where you attended most or all of high school. Even if you don’t plan on applying to the Northern Ontario School of medicine, ensure that this section is completed in its entirety.

OMSAS Questions

Filling Up The Application

Omsas Medical School Application 2018

The OMSAS medical school application questions section are mandatory and must be answered truthfully. Under no circumstances should false information be included in any aspect of the OMSAS medical school application. Answering “Yes” will trigger an explanation opportunity and does not automatically exclude you from a successful medical school application.

Please review the OMSAS Medical School Application Question’s Below. If you have any questions please contact the medical school registrar directly to seek clarification.

  1. Have you ever been enrolled or are you currently enrolled in an M.D. program at any university? Indicate the name of the medical school.
  2. Have you ever failed a year at university or been required to withdraw from or been denied re-admission to a university?
  3. Has your undergraduate program been interrupted for reasons other than academic failure?

Each OMSAS medical school describes “special consideration” criteria on their individual website. Please cross reference each medical school separately.

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