Last Updated on June 17, 2020

Introduction to OMSAS Medical School Application

All Ontario medical schools use a centralized application services called OMSAS.

OMSAS is short for the “Ontario Medical School Application Service” and can be found at this link. Medical schools in Ontario use OMSAS to review appliants’ medical school applicatons, MCAT score, GPA and letters of recommendation. When combined with CASPer®, this is all you need to apply to all of the Ontario Medical Schools.

Canadian applicants to medical school or International students applying to an Ontario medical school must use OMSAS to complete their medical school application. Unlike other medical schools in Canada, Ontario medical schools, regardless of your country of origin, mandates the use of the OSMAS online application system.

OMSAS Guide 2019

The first step to considering an application to an Ontario medical school is to review the OMSAS Instructional Manual for the current application cycle. Most technical, standard and medical school application related questions can be found in the OMSAS instruction booklet. For questions not found in the OMSAS instruction booklet, you can ask your MedApplications™ consultant or the medical school directly.

If you visist the OMSAS website, you will also find additional information via the the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). If you scroll to the FAQ section on the website, here you will find specific contact information for medical school admissions officers and administrators. We highly recommend that if you are uncertain about anything related to Ontario Medical Schools that you contact the medical school directly for more information.

In our OMSAS Application Guide we will concisely review each of the OMSAS Application booklet components. Please visits the “Learning Centre” for the comprehensive OMSAS Application Guide series.

Which Medical Schools are covered by OMSAS?

Ontario Medical School Application Service

University of Toronto Medical School: Start working on your ABS Sketch early, your supplementary UofT questions, securing letters of recommendation and boosting your GPA and MCAT score. These are the essential elements outlined in the OMSAS booklet that will be critical for a successful application to the University of Toronto.

McMaster University Medical School: In addition to the traditional OMSAS application, you will require the CASPer admissions test. This online video assessment tool is in supplement to components of your OMSAS application that will also be reviewed by the application review committee. Thinking about letters of recommendation? You need to ask 3 people early enough and inform them of your application to med school, and ensure they write the strongest letters possible.. They will need to complete the Confidential Assessment Form which is used to standardize how recommendations are forwarded to medical schools for review.

University of Ottawa Medical School: Like most traditional medical schools, the University of Ottawa requires the Autobiographical Sketch (ABS) to determine your competitiveness for securing a medical school interview. Additionally, the CASPer test, letters of recommendation and a GPA higher than most other medical schools is required. This is part because of loose requirements around pre-requisites and the MCAT.

Queen’s University Medical School: As one of the oldest medical schools, Queen’s University requires higher than typical MCAT and GPA scores for consideration of a medical school interview. While a basic application is required, letters of recommendation hold a significant amount of weight when being considered for an interview. With a medical school class size of roughly 100 students, most students come from across Canada as no preference is given for local residents geographically.

Northern Ontario School of Medicine: Unlike most Ontario medical schools, NOSM highly emphasizes the 5-question supplementary application. As discussed in other areas of our, emphasizing a passion for rural Ontario, and specifically rural family practice is an essential requirement. Advocating for specialized populations is the cornerstone of NOSM’s mission statement. This needs to be emphasized.

Western University Medical School: Geography in London, Ontario plays a major role in medical school interview selection for the Schulich School of Medicine. If you live in and around the London area, special preference is given for lower GPA and MCAT requirements. Many applicants however, have to apply as traditional non-geographic applicants. Read through the OMSAS booklet carefully to see if you are eligible.

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