Mature Entry Medicine & Non-Traditional Medical School Applicants

Mature Entry Medicine: Pursuing medicine as a non-traditional medical school applicant is an exciting yet challenging prospect. There are several common profiles of aspiring physicians that fit into this category. Fortunately, there is a growing trend amongst medical schools to ensure that a certain proportion of spots, per medical school class, are reserved for mature medical school applicants. For e.g. the McGill Non-Traditional Medical School Pathway is specifically designed to capture the diversity of experiences and skillsets that Non-Traditional applicants possess that aren’t only captured in one’s GPA and MCAT score.

Mature Entry Medicine: Common Scenarios

Non-Traditional Medical School Applicants

Here are a few common scenarios for a non-traditional medical school applicant (mature entry medicine):

  1. Professional is a Science field (e.g. Nursing, Engineering, Computer Science, Pharmacy) interested in changing career paths and applying to medicine as a non-traditional applicant.
  2. Professional in an unrelated field (e.g. teaching, business, law) interested in changing career paths and applying to medicine as a non-traditional applicant.
  3. A mature student (e.g. 20-30 years out of undergraduate) in a Healthcare Career (e.g. public health, medical administration, medical research) interested in pursuing medicine as a non-traditional applicant.
  4. Many other potential career tracks are also seen.

Unlike most applicants to medicine, as a non-traditional applicant to medical school, you have the luxury of a wealth of experiences and skills you have accumulated over time. For most applicants, their resume is the most significant part of their application.

Mature Student vs Non-Traditional Medical School Applicant


Mature Entry Medicine
Mature Entry Medicine

Here are a few common pitfalls for a non-traditional medical school applicant:

  1. Demonstrating an interest in medicine?
  2. Portability to pursue medical studies
  3. Overcoming GPA scores from 10-20 years ago
  4. Writing the MCAT
  5. Securing pre-requisite courses
  6. Why Now?

At MedApplications, our professional medical coaches work with you to rebrand your image and ensure that you appear favorably to a medical school admissions panel. We dissect your CV/Resume, Experiences, Academic performance as if you were applying to medical school today.

When applying to medical school there is an important distinction between “mature” and “Non-traditional” pre-medical applicants. Mature often refers to the age of an applicant, where Non-Traditional refers to their prior background experiences, and chosen selected original career path.

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