Last Updated on December 11, 2023

NOSM Multiple Mini Interview


The long-standing commitment of NOSM to the creation of community advocacy groups and rural health experts to expand the primary care environment is unequaled throughout the province. The multiple mini-interview of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine encompasses NOSM’s dedication to primary care in rural Ontario. For many NOSM candidates, their passion and dedication to rural and aboriginal health is fundamental to their application.

How to prepare for the MMI at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine

NOSM Multiple Mini Interview

How to Prepare for MMI in NOSM?

Northern Ontario School Of Medicine (Nosm) Medical School InterviewFor many future doctors, NOSM is one of the most challenging medical programs, with unique specifications and demographics of students. Most students are not eligible for the loco-regional benefit and, therefore, aim to convince the admissions committee of their passion for rural medical practice in northern Ontario. One of the biggest challenges facing students is real-world experience in rural areas. Although clinical, research and community initiatives often have many similarities, it is difficult to obtain a true rural experience.

How to succeed in the NOSM MMI

Interview of the medical school

NOSM MMI Multiple Mini Interview

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine has defined its mission to produce leading doctors in rural Ontario. With this general message in mind, candidates must prepare themselves expertly to perform well on the day of the interview.

Rural experience: this is a necessity and the basis of your connection with NOSM. Know and understand your experiences and how they determined your interest in continuing with the NOSM drug.

Rural health care: While this is obvious, many applicants neglect the level of detail required in this area.

Passion: working in rural Ontario requires passion, untiring dedication to the art of medicine and the communities it serves. Do not leave without that

Clarity: think about what defines you and run with it. The NOSM MMI is fast, it is essential to leave your mark.

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