CASPer® Test Bundle 3


The MedApplications™ CASPer® Bundle Program is our most comprehensive CASPer® preparation available, providing students with the support, skills and practice to achieve successful results on CASPer®. We begin by teaching you the fundamentals of CASPer®. You will work closely with McMaster doctors to understand how CASPer® is score, how to manage your time, approach critical thinking and answer challenging CASPer® scenarios. You then put your skills to the test through a series of challenging CASPer® Simulations. Our Mock CASPer® tests are realistic representations of the real CASPer® to truly assess your performance. Once completed, you received a detailed CASPer® rubric and feedback report. Once you have completed our comprehensive CASPer® preparation program, we guarantee results or your money back (see terms and conditions).


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