Introductory CASPer® Program


The MedApplications™ CASPer® Simulation is the leading Mock CASPer® test is North America. Designed by McMaster physicians, we have created a Mock CASPer® Simulation that looks and feels like the real thing. Our CASPer® scenarios are challenging, giving you a realistic assessment of your performance. Once you have completed our full length Mock CASPer® Simulation, you receive a detailed report regarding your performance, in addition, to a patented MedApplications™ CASPer rubric, comparing your performance to the mean. MedApplications™ offers the most innovative and challenging CASPer® simulations to ensure you are prepared to confidently ace the CASPer®.


The Leading CASPer® Preparation Program

  • Full Length Mock CASPer Tests with MedApplications
  • MedApplications™ CASPer Rubric and Feedback
  • CASPer Medical Experts and McMaster Physicians
  • CASPer Coaching and Preparation Sessions

The Introductory CASPer® Preparation Program Includes:

  • 1 Realistic CASPer Simulation for any Healthcare Program
  • Full Length CASPer Test with Feedback
  • Comprehensive written Feedback with Rubric
  • Unlimited access to CASPer Webinar/Course