Comprehensive US MD/DO Application Program



Our Comprehensive US MD/DO Application Prep Program Includes:

  1. Application Development Consultation: 5 Hours Coaching
  2. US MD/DO [AMCAS or AACOMAS] Application Edit & Review: 5 Applications
  3. Activities List Review: Unlimited Edits
  4. Meaningful Experiences Review: Unlimited Edits
  5. School Selection Consultation: Included
  6. Primary Application Document Revisions: Unlimited Revisions
  7. Secondary Application Document Revisions: Unlimited Revisions (5 Applications)
  8. Specific MD School Physicians: Work with a team of physicians from the schools you are applying too.
  9. Dedicated Client Coordinator: Included
  10. Success Guarantee: Included
  11. Unlimited Online Resources and Support

Fees: CAD (Canadian) Dollars

Supported Medical Schools: All United States Medical Schools

  • Application Editing. Avoid making costly mistakes on your application. Our team knows exactly what to look for when editing your application and essays.
  • GPA and MCAT score analysis. Find out how your grades stack up against other candidates. We’ll analyze your GPA and test scores and provide feedback about how they’ll factor into your application.
  • Activities List and Meaningful Experiences review. Do you know what to highlight in your activities list? We’ll review your meaningful experiences and provide actionable recommendations.
  • Supplementary application questions. We’ll help you answer school-specific supplementary applications by reviewing your answers and providing crucial feedback.
  • CASPer test Prep Available. Our experts know exactly what’s required to ace the CASPer Test and will arm you with practice questions and feedback.
  • Mock interview Prep Available. Hone your skills through mock interviews with real doctors and trained patients. This service is integral to give you the practice and feedback you need to succeed at the intimidating interview stage.