Comprehensive Modified Personal Interview (MPI) Prep Program


MedApplications’ Comprehensive MPI Interview Preparation Program.
Boost your MPI Interview confidence with the silver-tier package of our Comprehensive MPI Interview Prep Program. With it, you’ll gain access to 1.5 hours of MPI prep with one of our MDs and 5 levels of mock interviews, complete with detailed feedback. We can help you hone your interview skills and knowledge so you can deliver the very best performance on your University of Toronto (UofT) medical school interview day, as well as competitive medical residency interviews (CaRMS and ERAS).


The Silver Standard Of MPI Interview Training

Want to guarantee your spot in U of T’s Faculty of Medicine or land a medical residency position (CaRMS/ERAS)? Learn how to overcome your interview jitters and conquer the test with the comprehensive training you’ll receive in our silver-tier MPI Interview Prep Program.

No other service out there offers you the same expert level of preparation training, with guaranteed results. It includes 1.5 hours of live preparation with an MD, 5 levels of mock interviews with detailed feedback on how to improve, an MPI Interview manual.

Gain relevant insights and focused advice from some of Canada’s top medical practitioners. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of U of T’s Faculty of Medicine and will teach you what the evaluators will be listening for during your MPI. We’ll help you focus and refine your MPI responses to significantly boost your chances of acceptance. And with our MedApplications’ success guarantee, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

What You Receive

  • 1.5 hours of live MPI coaching with an MD
  • 5 mock interviews with comprehensive feedback to tweak your responses
  • A comprehensive MPI manual
  • Sample MPI stations
  • Mix and match with MPI options
  • MedApplications’ Success Guarantee

Why Buy?

  • It’s one of the continent’s most effective MPI interview programs available—second only to our Ultimate MPI program
  • Learn from previous interviewees of U of T’s MPI program
  • Address your weak points while building on your strengths
  • Get personalized advice on how to succeed at U of T – and in the medical profession

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