Comprehensive Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Prep program


MedApplications’ Comprehensive MMI Interview Preparation Program:
Take the MMI with confidence by enrolling in our Comprehensive MMI Interview Prep Program. The silver standard in MMI prep, you’ll hone your interview skills and accelerate your MMI prep so you can score higher on your MMI interview. It includes 1.5 hours of MMI interview prep coaching and 5 mock MMI practice interview exams.


The silver standard of MMI training

Get ready to excel on your MMI Interview with this intensive coaching and MMI prep program, proven to significantly improve your chances of passing the MMI. You’ll receive 1.5 hours of coaching, practice MMI interview questions and 5 one-on-one mock MMI interview practice exams to ensure you impress the key decision makers in medical school, medical residency, dentistry, pharmacy or veterinary medicine school. We also specialize in helping students with their Direct Medicine interviews for universities in Ireland, UK, Australia, and around the world. Soak in the wisdom of top North American MMI coaches in your field, isolate and correct interview mistakes that could cost you your seat. Interview stronger… and ultimately get accepted at your medical or professional school of choice.

This course is led by specialized doctors and healthcare professionals in a variety of fields, including many who have been MMI interviewers. You’ll receive detailed feedback, in-depth resources, and everything you’ll need to ensure MMI interview success and admission to med school.

What You Receive

  • 1.5 hours of top-level coaching by hand-picked MMI coaches for your specific program
  • 5 full-length MMI mock interviews with Feedback
  • Winning approaches to a successful MMI interview
  • Experienced Canadian physician coaches specialized in the MMI and your field of medicine
  • Specializing in Direct Entry MD MMI Preparation (UK, Ireland, Australia, including QuARMS)
  • Medical Residency MMI Preparation (Surgical specialties, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and many more)
  • Veterinary, Pharmacy, Nursing and Dentistry MMI Preparation
  • Comprehensive feedback, with detailed rubric, analysis and assessment of your skills and performance
  • Mix and match interview styles, school selections and interview coaches
  • MMI Resource folder, including:
    • MMI practice questions
    • Intro to acting stations, critical thinking, CanMEds
    • Medical & healthcare ethics
    • MMI rubrics/marking schemes
  • Extended interview preparation stations available (upgrade)

Why Buy?

  • It’s among the most trusted, high- success-rate MMI interview program available in North America—second only to our Ultimate MMI program
  • Be coached by actively practicing doctors in your field; MMI experts who have graduated, or who have been accepted to your specific program
  • Understand your strengths and effectively address your weaknesses
  • Target specific areas for improvement to strengthen your MMI performance
  • Be matched with the best coach for your needs
  • Get the inside scoop on how to succeed in healthcare!

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