Comprehensive Panel Interview Prep Program


MedApplications’ Comprehensive Panel Interview Preparation Program
Concerned about doing well in your Panel Interview, that last critical step to medical school or medical residency acceptance? Take it with confidence by choosing our Comprehensive Panel Interview Prep Program. This silver tier of Panel Interview prep allows you to build up your skills and knowledge to boost your chances of success significantly. Work with real practicing doctors and prepare more effectively with mock interviews.


The Silver Standard Of Panel Interview Training

Serious about doing well on your medical school Panel Interview? Choose our intensive comprehensive program to dramatically improve your chances of acceptance. Gain the insights of a top MD in your specialty during 1.5 hours of live sessions. You’ll also receive five mock interviews with detailed feedback to hone your strengths and address your weaknesses.

Look to our specialized medical professionals from universities across the continent to help you make a great impression on panel evaluators. You’ll learn what personal traits, academic knowledge and special qualities panelists are searching for in their ideal candidate. Don’t risk an inferior interview – and your medical future – by accepting anything less.

With this comprehensive program, you’ll also gain access to a Panel Interview manual with plenty of sample panel questions. You can also mix and match this offer with MMI and MPI classes. This course is so effective that we’re confident enough to offer our MedApplications success guarantee.

What You Receive

  • 1.5 hours of Panel Prep with an MD
  • 5 levels of mock Panel Interviews
  • Get matched with medical doctors from the schools where you are interviewing
  • Feedback from industry professionals to help you improve on your weaknesses
  • Comprehensive Panel Interview manual with sample questions
  • Mix and match with other MMI and MPI offerings
  • MedApplications Success Guarantee

Why Buy?

  • One of the best Panel Interview preparation courses available in North America—second only to our Ultimate panel interview program
  • Learn from actively practicing doctors, including ones who have succeeded in the Panel Interview before
  • Build on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses
  • Work with personalized trainers that will equip you to ace the Panel Interview
  • Get the inside scoop on how to succeed in healthcare

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