ERAS® Premier Residency Matching


The MedApplications™ ERAS® Premium Residency Matching program is the leading comprehensive medical residency matching program in North America. Our medical doctors will provide you with the full extent of our ERAS® residency matching team. Our American medical coaches help you from start to finish in pursuing your ERAS® residency matching position. We help you fulfill your dream of pursuing your medical speciality of choice in the location you want within the United States.  Our process begins with a detailed assessment of your medical career goals, residency candidate profile and medical school performance. We then create a comprehensive residency matching strategy of how to gain acceptance to the medial residency of your choosing. Through first-hand experience, ERAS® medical residency application assistance and ERAS® interview preparation, we have successfully helped students achieve medical residency placements in the most competitive programs nationwide. These include medical residencies in:  Radiology, Dermatology, ENT, ObsGyn, Pediatrics and Surgical Subspecialties. Our support for American residency matching in family medicine, internal medicine and psychiatry is additionally unrivalled. Our custom program is designed to help you achieve your residency first choices in both speciality and location.


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