Introductory Canadian Medical School Prep Program


MedApplications’ Introductory Canadian Medical School Application Preparation Program
Enhance the quality of your Med school application through the guidance of a trained medical professional working in your desired field. Through this program, you’ll learn exactly what Canadian admissions departments look for in a successful medical school application to one school of your choosing. Our hands-on approach arms you with MD feedback, application reviews, guidance, and the direction you’ll need to feel confident about the application you ultimately submit.


Entry-level Application Enhancement Program

Are you finding it difficult to create your medical school application, finesse your admission essays, craft a winning autobiographical sketch… and formulate on-point responses to the supplementary questions on the application? A little support from a Canadian medical professional can go a long way. With our entry level program, completing your medical school application becomes a great deal easier and less intimidating.

The Introductory Canadian medical school application package pairs you up with a medical doctor who will provide you with one hour of application development consultation and essay review. It’s designed to give you the peace of mind you need to succeed with an application to one Canadian med school.

During your hour of consulting, you’ll receive constructive feedback highlighting areas of your application that need improvement, along other useful direction to ensure your application is up to par and ready for submission.

No matter what Canadian medical school you choose, our package will boost your chances of acceptance. If you’re looking for a more in-depth Canadian Med School application program, consider checking out our Premium, Comprehensive, or Ultimate packages.

What You Receive

  • 1 hour of application development and revision consultation
  • General guidelines for medical school applications
  • Advice from a Canadian MD

Why Buy?

  • Benefit from a valuable introductory service for students applying to one school
  • Take advantage of our team of physicians to help you succeed
  • Have your application checked and revised prior to submission

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