Introductory Modified Personal Interview (MPI) Prep Program


MedApplications’ Introductory MPI Interview Preparation Program.
Strengthen your performance on the MPI Interview with our introductory MPI prep course. Our introductory MPI Interview course provides you with a mock interview and feedback, 1 hour of coaching, access to the MedApplications MPI Interview rubric, and more.


Entry-level MPI Interview Training

Receive one hour of dedicated coaching to help you bolster your skills for the MPI Interview. This program is ideal for aspiring medical school students who want a quick review to correct potential stumbling blocks and strengthen their interview. Absorb the guidance of top MPI experts with experience from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. Work with leading doctors, former MPI interviewers, and medical professionals who know exactly what types of MPI questions you will get asked.

This program includes one mock interview including detailed feedback. You’ll learn how to answer difficult MPI questions, and improve your performance come interview day.

What You Receive

  • 1 hour of high-quality coaching by a physician that understands how the MPI Interview works
  • 1 full-length MPI mock interview with detailed feedback
  • Proven strategies that work for the MPI Interview
  • Coaching by experienced Canadian physicians matched to your specialty (disciplines such as surgery, internal medicine, family medicine, psychiatry, anesthesia, and more)
  • Access valuable MPI resources that include:
    • MPI practice questions
    • Detailed insights on how to approach each station
    • Fresh perspectives on ethical questions and modern medical issues
    • MPI rubrics/marking schemes
  • Upgrades are available if you require additional help preparing for the MPI Interview

Why Buy?

  • Gain relevant experience from specialists who are already practicing in the field, experts familiar with the U of T med school program and its admissions process
  • Learn how to let your strengths shine during the interview and address your weaknesses effectively for optimum MPI performance
  • Tap into the wisdom of a med school coach who will help you gain strategies and best practices you need to succeed at UofT!
  • Perfect your MPI performance in competitive medical residency programs using the MPI format (CaRMS/ERAS)

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