Introductory Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Prep Program


MedApplications’ Introductory MMI Interview Preparation Program:
Test and refine your MMI interview skills by enrolling in our Introductory MMI Interview Prep Program. This short but effective program will help you hone your interview skills and improve your MMI prep to improve your MMI interview performance. It includes one hour of MMI interview coaching and one mock MMI interview exam.


Entry-level MMI Interview training

Get one powerful hour of coaching along with a mock exam to sharpen your MMI interview skills. Ideal for those who want a smaller amount of MMI prep assistance, this basic MedApplications MMI programs will help you address any stumbling blocks and raise your confidence. Soak in the wisdom of top MMI experts in your field, isolate and correct interview mistakes that could cost you your seat. Work with leading North American doctor coaches, veterinarians, pharmacists, dentists and medical residency experts, depending on your chosen healthcare specialty.

This course is led by specialized medical professionals and MMI coaches in a variety of fields, including many who have been MMI interviewers. You’ll receive detailed feedback, excellent resources, practice questions … and the advice you’ll need to ace your MMI.

What You Receive

  • 1 hour of top-level coaching by a Canadian or American physician, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacist or nurse, depending on your interview
  • 1 full-length MMI mock interview with feedback
  • Winning approaches to a successful MMI interview
  • Featuring experienced Canadian physician coaches specializing in competitive medical residency programs (surgery, internal medicine, family medicine, psychiatry, anesthesia)
  • Top MMI experts from veterinarians, pharmacists, dentists, nursing, and more
  • MMI Resource folder, including:
    • MMI practice questions
    • Intro to acting stations, critical thinking, CanMEds
    • Medical & healthcare ethics
    • MMI rubrics/marking schemes
  • Extended interview preparation stations available (upgrade)

Why Buy?

  • Be coached by actively practicing doctors or specialists in your field; MMI experts who have graduated, or who have been accepted to your specific program
  • Gain insight into your specific school and program
  • Understand your strengths and effectively address your weaknesses
  • Target specific areas for improvement to strengthen your MMI performance
  • Be matched you with the best coach for your needs
  • Get the inside scoop on how to succeed in healthcare!

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