NAC OSCE Preparation: Clinical Skills Coaching Program


MedApplications One-on-One NAC OSCE Prep Clinical Skills Coaching Program.
Get five (5) comprehensive sessions of personal clinical coaching to help you ace the exam from a NAC OSCE-specialized physician, available in person (Canada), or online.

Strengthen Your Clinical Skills And Ace The NAC OSCE Exam

Sharpen your clinical skills, boost your confidence, and ace the NAC OSCE with our Clinical Skills Coaching Program. This intense and personalized pre-exam coaching program pairs you with a NAC OSCE-specialized physician best suited to your specialty, communication style, or culture. During your five (5) in-depth 1 hour sessions, you will focus on building your clinical skills, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, targeting specific areas for improvement, and receiving detailed feedback with a rubric to boost your NAC OSCE preparation.

The MedApplications NAC OSCE Clinical Skills Coaching Program also offers review of high yield NAC OSCE exam stations similar to the real thing!

For more intensive NAC OSCE prep and exam practice, you may also consider enrolling in the MedApplications NAC OSCE In-Person Crash Course.

What You Receive

  • An OSCE prep program specifically personalized to your individual needs
  • In-person available
  • Five (5) x 1 hour one-on-one clinical coaching sessions, in-person (Toronto) or online. Extended sessions available
  • A practicing Canadian physician coach, specialized in the NAC OSCE and your area of medicine (e.g. Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Counselling)
  • Communication style suited to your culture and preferences
  • Detailed feedback, assessment and review of your skills and performance
  • A NAC OSCE Rubric
  • High yield NAC exam scenarios
  • Access to our online resource bank of high yield questions and clinical skills videos

Why Buy?

  • Improve your clinical skills (a common problem area on the NAC OSCE)
  • Focus on your specific NAC OSCE preparation needs, preferences and requirements
  • Be coached by an actively practicing doctor who is NAC OSCE-specialized (one who has either proctored the NAC exam or scored very high themselves)
  • Be coached in the preferred communication style for your culture
  • Understand your strengths and effectively address your weaknesses
  • Target specific areas for improvement to strengthen your NAC OSCE performance
  • Assess your baseline for the NAC OSCE
  • Additional options available for mock NAC OSCE exams and in-person NAC OSCE prep

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