Premium Modified Personal Interview (MPI) Prep Program


MedApplications’ Premium MPI Interview Preparation Program
Polish your interview skills and gain the insight you need to make a first-rate impression on MPI evaluators at U of T’s Faculty of Medicine with our Premium offering. It includes an hour of MPI training with a Canadian MD possessing MPI expertise, 3 levels of mock interviews including detailed feedback and other useful resources.


The Bronze Standard Of MPI Interview Training

Succeed in the MPI Interview and get into U of T Med School by enrolling in our Premium MPI prep program today. This program will help you strengthen your responses, showcase your skills and experience, and truly spotlight your ‘readiness’ for a challenging career in medicine. In addition to personal coaching and three mock exams, you’ll be able to soak in expert wisdom with unlimited access to online webinars and resources.

Gain access to the top medical professionals in Canada who know the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine in-depth, and what is required to excel in the MPI Interview. Learn how to formulate the right answers to many of the most difficult questions you’ll encounter. Hone your skills so you can ace the MPI and realize your dream of U of T med school acceptance.

Our MPI coaches include doctors who have been MPI interviewers in the past. They’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis, providing detailed feedback and the guidance you’ll need to improve your chances of acing the MPI. We also assist with medical residency programs using the MPI format (CaRMS/ERAS)

What You Receive

  • 1 hour of live instruction from an MD
  • 3 levels of mock interviews with feedback
  • A preparation manual specific to the MPI
  • Unlimited access to online webinars and sample stations
  • Comprehensive feedback from a UofT MD MPI specialist

Why Buy?

  • Be coached by top practicing doctors in your field, including past MPI evaluators, and graduated alumni from UofT
  • Make your strengths shine and properly address your weaknesses
  • Get personalized training from a coach who understands how to tweak your responses for success
  • Gain insider knowledge on how to really ace the MPI Interview – and get accepted

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