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MedApplications’ Premium Panel Interview Preparation Program
Make a stellar impression on med school panel interviewers with the training you’ll receive in our Premium program. This popular interview prep program includes one intense hour of live Panel prep with a practicing MD in your field, along with 3 levels of mock panel interviews—among many other benefits.


The Bronze Standard Of Panel Interview Training

Present yourself in the best possible light and ace your med school panel interview with MedApplications’ Premium Panel Interview Prep Program. You’ll receive an hour of live Panel prep with a carefully paired MD, alongside 3 levels of mock panel interviews. Additionally, you’ll be able to strengthen your skills through online webinars, a Panel Interview prep manual, sample questions, and comprehensive feedback from your doctor coach.

No matter how qualified you are for med school, panel interviews can be intimidating and difficult. Build your skills and confidence through the guidance of a doctor coach who knows your specific med school. Our personalized and specific instruction and feedback will prepare you to achieve great results.

Our premium package gives you the guidance you’ll need to succeed in the Panel Interview. This includes help mastering the right approach to challenging questions that test your ethics, personality, and experience, and more.

What You Receive

  • 1 hour of live panel preparation with an MD
  • 3 levels of mock Panel Interviews
  • Comprehensive feedback with doctors from the medical school(s) of your choice
  • Panel Interview preparation manual
  • Sample questions
  • Online webinars on Panel Interviews

Why Buy?

  • Learn from medical experts in your field, including former Panel Interviewers
  • Finetune your performance by enhancing your strengths and addressing your weaknesses
  • Get a personalized coach, matched to you based on your school and specialty to help maximize your chances of success

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