Ultimate Canadian Medical School Prep Program


MedApplications’ Ultimate Canadian Medical School Application Preparation Program
The Ultimate Canadian medical school package has everything you need to simplify your medical school application process and dramatically boost your chances of success. Get paired up with a trained Canadian physician from your desired medical school who will guide you in person, and review your application in-depth with you. This service also includes access to dedicated client care and a professional medical editor who will transform your application from good to great.


The Best Application Enhancement Program On The Market

Submit a truly stellar Canadian medical school application, and stand out from the pack, with our highest-level application preparation program. Whether you’re looking to apply to your dream school or a few desirable options, the Ultimate package is the best way to ensure you make the cut.

Not only will you receive unlimited application development guidance from licensed Canadian MDs, but you’ll also benefit from the assistance of a professional medical editor and a dedicated client care coordinator to keep you on track. Our Ultimate program is the only package you’ll find that includes both of these value-added services.

The feedback you receive will be specific to your needs and geared towards the medical schools you’re aiming for. What’s more, you’ll receive a great deal more than general comments; during an in-depth and in-person consultation, our experts will strengthen and polish your application from top to bottom so that you can make the strongest possible submission to your chosen school(s).

The MedApplications Ultimate package is quite simply the best program on the market for students who want to ensure acceptance into a Canadian Medical school. No matter what school you have in mind, whether it’s McGill, U of T, British Columbia, Calgary, Alberta, the Northern School of Medicine, or another respected faculty, you can be confident you will hit all the right buttons with the admissions department with a focused, error-free and exceptional submission.

Perfect your Autobiographical Sketch, submit a superior OMSAS Application and stand out from the competition. Our Ultimate Program gives you full access to industry and Med school insights from Canadian physicians that fully understand the admissions process better than anyone. It’s the best way, hands down, to ensure your application is a notch above the rest and ultimately secure your future in Canadian medicine.

What You Receive

  • Unlimited application development, revision, and feedback from Canadian MDs
  • Unlimited guidance for choosing the perfect medical school based on your credentials
  • Individual coaching by physicians from any specific Canadian medical school
  • In-person consultation for specific edits, rather than just general application feedback
  • A professional medical editor who will polish your submission
  • Access to a dedicated client care coordinator

Why Buy?

  • Take advantage of the best Canadian Med School applications program available, with a ton of value-adds
  • Determine which schools are the best fit for you, through our school selection consultation
  • Unlimited feedback: Yes, our specialists will go through your application as many times as you wish until you are 100% satisfied
  • Unlimited support from both a professional medical editor and a client care coordinator
  • Learn from an MD in your field from the specific school to which you are applying
  • Get an unparalleled competitive edge to help ensure Canadian Med school acceptance

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