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MedApplications’ Ultimate MMI Interview Preparation Program:
Conquer the MMI and get accepted into the school of your choice by enrolling in our Ultimate MMI Interview Prep Program. This #1 MMI prep program in North America guarantees you a 100% success rate for med or healthcare school acceptance. As the gold standard in MMI interview prep, you’ll be mentored by top Canadian doctor-healthcare coaches who will help you sharpen and refine your interview skills so you can’t miss the mark. It includes 3 hours of MMI interview coaching and 10 mock MMI interview exams.


The gold standard in MMI Interview training offering a 100% Success rate

Nail the MMI Interview and leap the final hurdle to get into med school. This most rigorous coaching and MMI prep program available in North America guarantees you a 100% MMI pass rate, and is highly recommended for anyone looking to pass the MMI interview the first time. With MedApplications, you’ll soak in the wisdom of top Canadian physicians and experts during 3 hours of personalized and focused coaching. You’ll also strengthen your skills with MMI interview practice questions and 10 mock MMI interview exams to ensure you make a stellar impression—and ultimately receive that acceptance letter from your chosen medical or healthcare school.

This course is led by specialized doctors and healthcare experts in a variety of fields, including many who have been MMI interviewers. You’ll receive detailed feedback, in-depth resources and plenty of exam practice. Plus, through our unique matching process, you’ll be mentored by the right hand-picked experts, carefully paired with you based on your interview, prospective school, and specific area of study.

Whether you are applying after University or direct from high school—or if you are seeking first-rate interview training to excel in your medical residency interviews—our Ultimate MMI Preparation Program is the best way to embark on a successful career in healthcare.

Your future as a doctor, vet, pharmacist—or other specialized healthcare professional — deserves the very best MMI prep. This winning combination of multiple mock exams and extensive coaching by our top doctor coaches will ensure you knock it out of the park on your MMI!

What You Receive

  • 3 hours of top-level coaching by a Canadian physician
  • 10 full-length MMI mock interviews with Feedback
  • Review approach to a successful MMI interview
  • Experienced Canadian physician coaches specialized in the MMI and your field of medicine, i.e. family physician, veterinarian, pharmacist, dentist, etc.)
  • Comprehensive feedback, with detailed rubric, analysis and assessment of your skills and performance
  • Mix and match interview styles, school selections and interview coaches
  • MMI Resource folder, including:
    • MMI practice questions
    • Intro to acting stations, critical thinking, CanMEds
    • Medical & healthcare ethics
    • MMI rubrics/marking schemes
  • Extended interview preparation stations available (upgrade)

Why Buy?

  • 100% pass rate!
  • It’s the most comprehensive and high success rate MMI interview program available in North America
  • Be coached by actively practicing doctors in your field; MMI experts who have graduated or been accepted to your specific program
  • Understand your strengths and effectively address your weaknesses
  • Target specific areas for improvement to strengthen your MMI performance
  • Be matched you with the best coach for your needs
  • Get the inside scoop on how to succeed
  • Acceptance guaranteed!
    Yes, we are so confident in this powerful interview preparation program that we guarantee your med school acceptance!

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