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Get into the University of Toronto Medical School with our UofT Physicians helping you every step of the way.
Our Canadian Medical School Application support programs pair you with leading doctors in Canada to help you create the most competitive and outstanding medical school application. Work hand in hand with UofT medical doctors to craft the top OMSAS ABS, UofT Supplementary Application and CANMEDS roles.


Get accepted to the University of Toronto Medical School!

Within our Canadian Medical School Applications Program, we pride ourselves on providing the leading University of Toronto application review, editing, and consulting service in Canada. Backed by the brightest physicians from the University of Toronto, we help you achieve your goal, Medical School Acceptance at the University of Toronto. Our medical consultants achieve this by providing you the freshest perspective on your application. We emphasize CANMEDS roles, medical core competencies, and your experiences that showcase the best aspects of your candidacy.

Your submitted University of Toronto Supplementary Application and ABS is reviewed by your UofT Medical Doctor for the following criteria

  • U of T Supplementary Applicant and ABS Content
  • CANDMEDS Roles and Core Medical Competencies
  • U of T Supplementary Application and ABS Flow
  • U of T Supplementary Application and ABS Core Competencies
  • U of T Supplementary Application and ABS Competitiveness
  • In collaboration with our experienced Medical Team of OMSAS reviewers, your medical doctor will revise, polish and complete your U of T Supplementary Application and ABS for final review

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Work with UofT Medical Doctors on your Application

Our success in getting students accepted to the University of Toronto medical school stems from the level of expertise you get with every application package. You work directly with a University of Toronto medical school graduate or actively practicing University of Toronto physician. That’s right. We go right to the source to ensure your application is conceived, developed and polished with the medical consultants who know best. Submit your application with confidence. Tackle those supplementary application questions with ease. Ensure you remain on the right track and avoid the pitfalls of suboptimal application. Our number one goals is to help you succeed.

The MedApplications™ UofT Application Review includes our most comprehensive assessment of UofT OMSAS application documents by UofT physicians with first-hand experience of medical school admissions. The MedApplications™ medical team will review, enhance and polish your UofT Supplementary application and OMSAS Autobiographical Sketch to ensure your strengths and accomplishments are highlighted. With unlimited revisions, we provide you with the clinical expertise to ensure your supplementary UofT answers target what the review committee is seeking in aspiring pre-medical candidates.

Prepare for the University of Toronto MPI Interview

The Modified Personal Interview (MPI) has become the standard medical school interview format at the University of Toronto. It’s designed to enable interviewers to assess each candidate’s character and background, as well as determine whether they possess the skills and qualities required for success at medical school.

The MPI is not easy. Your goal is to distinguish yourself among other talented applicants through your answers. You’ll need to demonstrate to MPI interviewers that you’re a notch above and truly serious about this field.

Let MedApplications make MPI prep easy. Perfect your MPI interview skills to ensure you make the cut. Gain tips, tricks, and strategies from the field’s best medical doctors, MPI experts, and other relevant specialists.

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