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Queen’s University Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuARMS?

The Queen’s University Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS), is an opportunity for Chancellor’s Scholarship Nominees to enter medical school after only two years of undergraduate study in the Arts, Science or Computing programs in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Goal of QuARMS?

The primary goal of QuARMS is to offer a carefully selected group of 10 students an exciting, and innovative, two-year curriculum that will culminate with admission into the first year of Medical School at Queen’s University, School of Medicine.

How many students get accepted per year?

10 students from all over Canada.

Medical Degree and QuARMS

The accelerated route to Medical School is unique among Canadian universities. It is based on an integrated ‘2 + 4’ year training program. This new educational initiative is aimed at shortening the minimum length of undergraduate training for students before entering Medical School at Queen’s University.

What is the cost of tuition for QuARMS?

– QuARMS students, in years one and two of their undergraduate Bachelor degree program, will be charged tuition and fees associated with the Bachelor degree program they are registered in.
– QuARMS students, once they progress into the School of Medicine, they will be charged the tuition and fees associated with the year in which they are registered in the Doctor of Medicine degree program.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Application to QuARMS?

Citizenship & Residency – Students have to be a Canadian Citizen OR a Permanent Resident of Canada to be eligible for consideration to QuARMS.
Education/Scholarships – Students must be in their final year of high school AND be nominated for the Chancellor’s Scholarship.

When I apply for admission on OUAC how do I indicate I want to be considered for QuARMS?

Students do not apply directly to QuARMS. If you would like to be considered for QuARMS, you must complete the following steps:

Submit a Complete Application to one, or more, of the following Queen’s undergraduate direct-entry programs through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC):
– Bachelor of Arts Honours (QA),
– Bachelor of Science Honours (QS),
– Bachelor of Computing Science Honours (QD)

Meet the admission requirements for the undergraduate program(s).
Be nominated for the Chancellor’s Scholarship and submit the Queen’s Major Admission Award (MMA) Application.
(The completed MMA application must be received by Queen’s University Admissions Department NO LATER than December 1).

How do I seek out a nomination for the Chancellor’s Scholarship?

In order to be considered for QuARMS, you must be selected as a Chancellor’s Scholarship nominee by your high school. The number of Chancellor’s Scholarship nominees each high school can nominate is limited. If you are interested in seeking a Chancellor’s nomination, we encourage you to be pro-active at your high school and speak with your high school official (i.e. Guidance Counsellor) as soon as you return to school in the fall.

Given the limited number of applicants who will be offered admission to QuARMS, eligible candidates will only be selected from the group of Chancellor’s Scholarship nominees. Candidates interested in being considered for QuARMS (QuARMS candidates) must be nominated for a Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Chancellor’s Scholarship Nomination Guidelines (based on graduating class size):

Less than 250 – 1 nominee**
250-499 – up to 2 nominees
500 or greater – up to 3 nominees

How do I become a competitive QuARMS Candidate?

We look for candidates that:
– Are nominated for a Chancellor’s Scholarship
– Have outstanding academic performance
– Have demonstrated participation in extracurricular activities during high school
– Have attributes in leadership, critical and creative thinking, curiosity, integrity and altruism
– Are mature and have the ability to relate to others

I have heard that “RESEARCH” is a heavily weighted criterion that one needs to have to be selected as a QuARMS candidate. Is this accurate?

We DO NOT choose candidates based on students’ research experience. Research has never been, nor will it be, a criterion we assess when selecting candidates. Some of our successful QuARMS students may have had some research experience; however, that is only by chance, NOT by any requirement. In other words, if you are only doing research to increase your chances of being selected as a QuARMS student, DON’T, it will not help you one way or the other!

Why was the application process designed to limit applicants to only those candidates nominated for a Chancellor’s Scholarship?

QuARMS is seeking applicants who demonstrate a commitment to service, proven academics, critical and creative thinking, leadership qualities, and service to the community. The Queen’s Chancellor’s Scholarship nominees exemplify these characteristics; therefore, are an excellent pool of candidates for the 10 students that will ultimately be selected for the QuARMS program.

Our high school is permitted to submit only one Chancellor’s Scholarship nominee. Our applicant does not want to go into Medicine. May we select a second student who is interested in QuARMS?

High Schools are strongly encouraged to select, as a Chancellor’s nominee, the student who best demonstrates leadership, community service, creative and original thinking and exceptional academics. The Chancellor’s Scholarship program remains first and foremost, an opportunity to recognize outstanding students applying to any first entry, undergraduate degree program, regardless of the program of study they choose at Queen’s.

Schools with a graduating class size of less than 250 will have the option to nominate one additional Chancellor’s nominee, provided one of the two nominees is a QuARMS candidate

I was nominated but was not granted the Chancellor’s Scholarship. Am I still eligible to complete the application process?

Yes. We are only looking for you to have been nominated.

How do I indicate on the Major Admission Award (MAA) application that I want to be considered for QuARMS?

Within the Major Admission Award application, there is a section for your High School Official to verify:
– You have been selected as a Chancellor’s Scholarship nominee or
– You have been selected as the one Chancellor’s Scholarship/QuARMS candidate from your high school
This information must be signed and dated by your high school official.

I am applying to a variety of programs at Queen’s. If I apply to one of the QuARMS-eligible undergraduate degree programs plus an undergraduate degree program, that is not QuARMS-eligible (for example: Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Engineering Science), will I still be considered for QuARMS?

Yes, each application for admission is considered independently.

Are international students eligible to apply to QuARMS?

You must be a Canadian citizen, or permanent resident of Canada, to be eligible for consideration to QuARMS.

When and how will the 10 candidates for QuARMS be selected?

– Mid-February: A select group will be sent a supplementary application specifically for QuARMS.
– Mid-March: Approx. 40 candidates will be receive invitations to the QuARMS interviews that are held on campus at Queen’s University, in the School of Medicine. (*Travel Bursary Available)
– Early April: QuARMS interviews are held. (full day event)
– Early May: All interviewed candidates will be notified of their QuARMS admissions status.

Do I need to attend my interview in person or can I interview over the phone or use Skype?

You are required to attend your interview in person, on campus at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

*If I am invited to the QuARMS interviews, is there financial help available?

Invited candidates may be eligible for a travel bursary to assist with travel expenses to Queen’s University. Further information will be provided to the candidates invited to the QuARMS interviews.

If I am successful and am selected for QuARMS, is there financial help available?

Queen’s offers need-based assistance to supplement family resources for students admitted to a first-entry undergraduate program at Queen’s. (Please Note: the assessment of financial need resides with the Office of the University Registrar-Student Awards and is independent of the School of Medicine, QuARMS selection process)

The Office of the University Registrar-Student Awards administers a comprehensive range of financial aid programs. Information for Government Student Assistance, Queen’s Scholarships, Bursaries, and Work Programs.

When will the QuARMS interviews take place for the 40-50 selected candidates?

The QuARMS Interview Team will be interviewing candidates in April.

What will the QuARMS interview entail? How can I prepare?

You have already done much of the preparation for the interview! Be prepared to speak about:
– Commitment to service
– Critical and creative thinking
– Ability to relate to people
– Exceptional leadership
– Diversity of your interests
– Humility, altruism, humanism, and curious nature

What can I expect regarding the QuARMS curriculum?

Content & Structure
The curriculum will consist of two components that run in parallel:
The First Component will be devoted to meeting the requirements of the first two years of an Honours degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
The Second Component is a unique, and integrated set of enrichment/experiential learning modules and electives, that are developed and delivered through the Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine (SOM), to prepare students for entry into the School of Medicine at the end of year two of their undergraduate Bachelor program.

Before Starting QuARMS?

Yes, you need to have your CPIC done and sent in to our Admission’s Office PRIOR to starting QuARMS.

What is the criteria that is required to be able to progress into the School of Medicine after two years of the QuARMS program?
Students MUST:

– Complete 60 units in an Honours degree plan in the Faculty of Arts and Science and,
– Obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 as defined by the Faculty of Arts and Science and,
– Meet the criteria to be placed on the Dean’s Honours List in the Faculty of Arts and Science in Year Two (That is, achieving a GPA of 3.5 cumulative average of all courses taken during the academic year from September 1 to August 31), and,
– Have demonstrated satisfactory professional behaviour as determined by the School of Medicine Progress, Promotions and Remediation Committee.

Content Adapted from https://meds.queensu.ca/quarms/faq_s



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