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What Is QuARMS? | Comprehensive QuARMS FAQ

QuARMS Queens University Accelerated Route to Medical School is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is granted to ten national high school students each year. 

This program provides these ten students with an accelerated 2-year pathway to the first-year of medical school at the university.

Eligible students can fast-track their path to medical school after completing only two years of undergraduate studies.

How Do I Complete the QuARMS Application in 2019?

All students are invited to apply for QuARMS, but they will need to complete several steps before their application is considered.

Eligible students must be nominated for the Queen’s Chancellor’s Scholarship by their high school. The number of these scholarships that are handed out to each high school is limited, so interested students should communicate with their guidance counsellors.

The Queen’s Chancellor’s Scholarship awards are handed out based on the following graduating class sizes:

  • 250 graduating students – one nominee
  • 250-499 graduating students – up to two nominees
  • 500+ graduating students – up to three nominees

Students looking to apply for QuARMS must apply for an undergraduate degree in the Arts, Sciences, Computing Science, or Health Science.

The steps to apply for QuARMS include:

  • Submit an application through OUAC. Your application must be submitted before December 1st.
  • Complete a supplemental application process. Accepted candidates must complete an additional application with specific requirements.
  • Take part in an interview. Invited applications must complete an interview to determine their eligibility.
  • Complete two years of undergraduate studies. Once accepted into QuARMS, you must finish two years of undergraduate studies and attend specialized QuARMS learning sessions.
  • Apply for your MD program. Students can apply directly to their MD program once completing the first two years of their undergrad.
  • Start medical school. Students that get accepted into medical school will start their first year automatically. You can refuse QuARMS and continue your undergraduate studies if you wish.

When Are QuARMS Candidates Selected?

There are several dates that you will want to familiarize yourself with if you are looking to apply for QuARMS. These dates include:

  • Mid-February: Selected students will receive their supplementary application for QuARMS.
  • Mid-March: Around 40 candidates will receive an invite to take part in an interview at Queen’s University at the School of Medicine.
  • Early April: QuARMS interviews will take place on a single day.
  • Early May: Interviewed candidates will receive notification of their admissions status.

Interested applicants must submit their application in time if they wish to be selected for this competitive program. We recommend that you complete several practice interviews to better prepare yourself for the real one.

During the interview, you will be asked a series of questions that are designed to illustrate your character, ability to think, problem solve, and to showcase your commitment to public service and the values that all doctors should possess.

The CanMEDs framework is a useful tool that you can use to improve your understanding of what skills and qualities a physician should have. This framework details several roles, including:

  • Medical expert
  • Communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Leader
  • Health advocate
  • Scholar
  • Professional

MedApplications can help you improve your chances of performing well in your QuARMS interview. We do this through dedicated practice sessions that are uniquely tailored to the type of questions that they will ask in your interview.

What Does a QuARMS Student Look Like?

The QuARMS program has limited openings. This program, as mentioned, is one of the most competitive academic opportunities in Canada. Eligible students must prove from a young age that they possess the necessary skills to fast-track their way into becoming a doctor.

A QuARMS student should possess the following qualities:

  • Strong leadership
  • A love for learning new concepts
  • Academic capabilities
  • Dedication to serving in a public role
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Personable nature
  • Enhanced maturity for their age
  • Humanistic attitude

Does this sound like you?

The QuARMS program selects up to ten high school students from across the country. The goal of this program is to identify exceptionally gifted individuals that have the potential to excel in such a high-pressure environment as medical school from such a young age.

What Is the Queen’s University Science Admission Average?

Queen’s University maintains strict academic requirements for all students looking to attend the university.

Each year, 1,000 students are admitted to the university’s science program. The requirements for this program include the following high school courses:

  • English 4U
  • Advanced Functions 4U
  • Calculus and Vectors 4U
  • Two of Biology 4U, Chemistry 4U, and Physics 4U

The university recommends that students achieve a minimum average of 82 for consideration. However, a competitive QuARMS average should surpass 90 and include other considerations like extracurricular success, volunteering, and other positive attributes that will showcase an applicant’s personality.

What Does the QuARMS Curriculum Look Like?

QuARMS is an accelerated pathway that allows gifted students to become doctors quicker. Because of this, the academic requirements are demanding. Students must complete 30 units each year over the course of the fall and winter terms. This course load is the equivalent of completing five courses per term.

There are several specific course requirements that students must complete within their two years. These include BIOL 102/103, CHEM 112, MATH 121 (if calculus was not completed), STAT 263, BIOL243, ENGL100, and PHGY 215/216.

First-year courses must be completed in a classroom setting to allow QuARMS students to acclimatize to a higher academic setting. Queen’s University encourages all students to complete all of their courses in a classroom setting whenever possible.

QuARMS students will also gain exposure to the Queen’s University School of Medicine during their first two years. They must complete several seminar-based enrichment modules totaling three hours per week and one to three hours of coursework each week. These additional courses do not count towards their undergraduate degree requirements.

Students will also be tasked with completing an experiential learning module that will not count towards their undergraduate degree requirements. This module is completed in the summer of year one and two.

The goal of these modules is to teach students the necessary skills for them to succeed as a doctor and to enrich their learning experience with experiential learning methods.

Can a Student Withdraw from QuARMS?

The QuARMS program is extremely demanding, and some students may find it too challenging. Students that are taking part in the QuARMS program can withdraw from it at any point without suffering academic penalties.

Alternatively, students who successfully complete their first two years of undergraduate can elect to continue pursuing their undergraduate degree if they aren’t interested in applying for medical school.

However, students that choose to continue their studies instead of applying for medical school will be withdrawn from the QuARMS program.

Improve Your Chances of Getting Accepted to QuARMS

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