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Queen’s University Accelerated Route to Medical School

This unique accelerated medical program is available to the elite High School students in Canada who qualify for the Chancellor’s Scholarship at Queen’s University. Following 2-years of rigorous study in an Arts, Computer Science, or pure science program, QuARMS students are accelerated into the Queen’s Medical School curriculum. The QuARMS program is available to only 10 of the top high school students in Canada, creating a completely new era for Canadian medical school admissions. MedApplications™ was founded by Queen’s University physicians and is the world leader in preparing high school students for this prestigious medical program.

QuARMS Requirements


To be selected for the Queen’s University Medicine QuARMS program students must complete an application too, and be successfully nominated to the Chancellors scholarship by their high school. Typically 1 nomination is allocated per 200-300 students at any given Canadian high school. Once the Chancellors nomination has been awarded, students are then eligible to apply to the QuARMS admissions committee. Your MedApplications™ QuARMS medical specialist will work with you to establish a concrete timeline and ensure you meet all checkpoints.

We begin by creating a successful plan to secure a chancellor’s nomination and proceed by developing a competitive applicant profile. Once a QuARMS medical school interview is awarded, we shift our focus to preparing our students for the Multiple Mini Interview and QuARMS specific Medical School Interview and Queen’s University Medical School.

What’s Included

QuARMS Process

Detailed Candidate Evaluation

Live MD Consultations

QuARMS Eligibility Criteria

What Marks do I need for QuARMS?

How Many students are accepted to QuARMS?

Online QuARMS Webinar

QuARMS Medical Application

QuARMS Medical Interview

MedApplications™ Application Programs

All Of Our QuARMS Packages

  • queens supplementary application
    Premium QuARMS Consultation Program
    Most Comprehensive High School Prep
    School Selection Phase 1
    Resume Development Phase 2
    Research & Volunteer Phase 3
    MD Coaching Sessions Phase 4
    MD Application Development Phase 5
    Direct MD Interview Strategy Session
    Direct MD Mock Interview
    Unlimited Online MD Interview Webinar
    Unlimited Online Application Webinar
    Liaison with Guidance Counsellors
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  • medical school application
    QuARMS Application Phase 5
    1 Hour Live Consultation with MD
    Direct MD or Pre-Medical Programs
    Development of Personal Statement
    Development of Supplementary Applications
    Unlimited Revisions and Detailed Editting
    Letters of Reference Review
    Personalized MD Coaching and Support
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  • coaching session
    Coaching Sessions Phase 4
    Medical School Admissions Timeline
    1 Hour Strategy Session with MD to Review Progress
    1 Hour Strategy Session with MD to review & assess
    1 Hour Strategy Session with MD to solidify placements.
    1 Hour Strategy Session devoted to pre-application planning.
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  • research volunteer
    Research & Volunteer Phase 3
    1 Hour Research Strategy Session with MD
    1 Hour Volunteer and Extra-Curricular Strategy Session with MD
    Assistance in securing research & volunteer positions.
    Assistance with Applications and Scholarships
    Sample Research and Volunteer Placements
    Personalized MD Coach in your City
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  • school selection phase
    QuARMS Program Consultation
    1 Hour Strategy Session with MD
    Resume, Transcripts, IB Score, SAT/ACT Review
    Review of Direct MD and Traditional MD Paths
    Pre-Medical Program School Selection
    Comprehensive Medical Admissions Manual
    Introduction to CV Development
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  • resume development phase
    Resume and CV Phase 2
    1 Hour CV Development Session with MD
    Development of Complete CV/Resume
    Detailed Review of Student Accomplishments
    Create Draft of Formal Academic CV
    Review Sample CVs of Competitive Students
    Use CV for Research, Scholarships, QuARMS, MD Applications
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How To Get Into QuARMS

At MedApplications™ we believe in a comprehensive premium program to assist the most dedicated and bright high school students achieve their dream of pursuing medicine. Our Queen’s Physicians have been at the forefront of medical education innovation and are experts into helping students gain successful entry into QuARMS. The ideal QuARMS students encompass many important qualities that go beyond academic performance and intellectual capacity. The QuARMS program seeks well-rounded students who successfully balance their personal, community, global and academic commitments. Our QuARMS medical doctors will help you shape a competitive candidate profile that speaks to these core competencies.

QuARMS Success

The comprehensive attention we provide to our high school students shows in our strong success rates with the QuARMS medical school admissions process. For candidates who maintain core eligibility criteria and proceed through our Premium High School Coaching program we have successfully secured a direct medical school entry acceptance for the eligible pre-medical high school students we have worked with. Our success is rooted on the strong dedication and passion our students have towards medicine and the evidence-based approach our physicians take towards QuARMS.


Our Partners

med school application partners

Our Application Consultants


Our Consultants specialize in your medical school application.

We work with you every step of the way as your personal medical coach. With first-hand experience as practicing medical doctors we know what it takes to achieve success in the medical school admissions process. During application crunch time, we work round the clock to ensure your application is completed to the highest of competitive standards. Find Out More About MedApplications


MedApplications Guarantee


Our Medical Coaches pride ourselves on offering a premium service by leading physicians in medical school preparation. However, if you do not find your consultation useful, or feel that the consultant is not a great fit, you must let your consultant know at the conclusion of your first consultation or review, prior to finishing and we will contact you to arrange another complimentary session or review with a new consultant. See Terms and Conditions


Get On The Inside Track


Success Stories

Alyssa (May 2016)

Accepted to McMaster University & University of Ottawa Medicine

“My experience with MedApplications was fantastic! The interview seminar and manual were very instructive regarding specific topics to focus on for the interview and approaches to answering different question types…

David (May 2016)

Accepted to Western University Schulich School of Medicine

“I enrolled in a MedApplications Interview seminar one month prior to my first medical school interview opportunity. Before participating in the course, I had very little specific knowledge regarding interview format, question types, emphasis and expectations of the interviewers…

Vanessa (June 2016)

“I was accepted at Ottawa which was my ideal school and my only interview. Josh was absolutely wonderful and definitely part of my success! He was very helpful throughout the entire process :)”

Ian (May 2015)

McMaster University of Medicine

“I used the MedApplications seminar and mock interview services before I had my interviews at Queen’s and McMaster medical schools, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision…

Carolyn (2015)

Queen’s University Medicine

“My experience with medapplications.com was great. What I liked most about my consultant is that he always responded in time about any concerns that I had…

Liana (May 2016)

University of Western Shulich School of Medicine

“Before working with medapplications, I had a fear of interviews. I’ve had practices with friends and other students, but for some reason I wasn’t able to gain the confidence needed….

Marlene (August 2016)

University of London St. George’s College

“Hi MedApplications, just to let you know that Isabelle got an offer from University of London St. George’s College. The competition this year was quite challenging…


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