Chancellor’s Scholarship

To celebrate its 150th anniversary (1841-1991), Queen’s University is offering 50 Chancellor Scholarships worth $ 36,000 ($9,000 per year, renewable for 3 subsequent years (4 years total)) and the submission of a detailed application form. Students must enter the first year of any undergraduate program at Queen’s to qualify for a Chancellor Scholarship. Second-year CEGEP students are also eligible.

Mission and History

Chancellor Joe B. Wyatt created the Chancellor’s Scholarship in 1985 to recognize exceptional leadership qualities, strength of character, academic success and a deep commitment to diversity and social justice. The Chancellor’s Fellows have worked to build strong school communities by bridging gaps between economically, socially and racially diverse groups and have shown great interest in issues of diversity education, tolerance and social justice. The Chancellor’s Fellows should build on these previous commitments by actively and actively participating in academic and leadership opportunities in Vanderbilt. The program is funded by donations from alumni, faculty, staff, students, corporations and friends.

Scholarship Benefits

The Chancellor’s Fellows receive full tuition plus a one-time summer stipend for an immersive experience after the second year or junior year. Vanderbilt will provide additional needs-based financial assistance to Chancellor Scholarship recipients whose demonstrated financial need exceeds the full tuition fee. Scholarships are renewed each year as long as the recipient maintains at least a cumulative average of 3.0.

Application and Selection

Candidates must submit their Major Admission Award application online through the Queen’s SOLUS Student Centre. The Chancellor’s Fellows are chosen based on their commitment to diversity, leadership, strength of character, academic success, and involvement in the community. Strong candidates are intellectually curious and able to articulate their ideas clearly. During the evaluation of the candidates, the selection committee examines the Chancellor’s application for a scholarship and the entire application for admission to the first year.

Total Value = $36,000

Program of Study:


  • Superior academic ability
  • Creative and original thinking
  • Proven leadership qualities
  • High school nomination required

Number of nominations per high school is based on graduating class size:

  • Less than 250 – 1 nominee
  • 250–499 – up to 2 nominees
  • 500 or greater – up to 3 nominees


In order to be considered for a Chancellor’s Scholarship, the applicant must receive a nomination from the high school where they most recently attended full time study. Nominations from institutions where the applicant is enrolled in part-time studies will not be accepted.

Please ensure your high school has not over-nominated based on the guidelines above.

Note: The Queen’s Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS) admission process is no longer linked to the Chancellor’s Scholarship application process.

High School Grades: 90% +


Renewable for 3 subsequent years (4 years total) provided a GPA of 3.5 is achieved in a full course load each year. Selected recipients will receive further information about renewal criteria.

Annual Value: $9,000

Number Available: 50

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