Scholarships for Medical Students

Scholarships for Medical Students: MedApplications is proud to be launching its annual scholarship program for Pre-Medical & Medical Students.

MedApplications Scholarship for Pre-Medical & Medical Students
AHT Scholarship (Advanced Healthcare with Technology)

MedApplications is proud to be launching its annual scholarship program. A $500 scholarship will be awarded twice a year. A second $500 scholarship, based on a writing sample, will be awarded once a year and showcased on our online learning center.

The launch of this scholarship furthers our mission to support future medical doctors and their use of technology to advance medicine.

Eligibility requirements:

All full-time pre-medical (any undergraduate discipline) or medical students in good academic standing are eligible.

How to apply:

Submit an application to MedApplications (click here)

Create a video submission explaining or showing how you plan on using technology to forward the field of medicine (maximum 5 minutes)

Selection Criteria:

Applications will be graded by 2 independent reviewers
Videos will be voted on by current MedApplications’ students

Candidates will be selected on originality, innovation, creativity and anticipated impact of their technology initiative within the healthcare space.


The deadline for the spring scholarship is May 15 and the fall scholarship is Oct. 15.
The deadline for the sample writing based Scholarship is Feb 15.

Winners are contacted directly and announced on our website.


All questions can be sent directly to [email protected].