Last Updated on June 17, 2020

I enrolled in a MedApplications Interview seminar one month prior to my first medical school interview opportunity.  Before participating in the course, I had very little specific knowledge regarding interview format, question types, emphasis and expectations of the interviewers.  The MedApplications seminar proved invaluable for introducing the type of thought process which is so critical for succeeding in medical school interviews because it taught me a flexible approach that could be applied to a variety of different questions, from medical ethics scenarios to personality evaluations.  My instructor was very well informed about a wide variety of topics that are pertinent to interview preparation, and took a genuine interest for the individual students’ needs. The seminar allowed me to focus my preparation on areas that I wanted to improve and provided a good foundation of knowledge to tackle questions regarding the current state of healthcare in Canada while focusing on specific issues that would be of interest to medical school interviewers.  I gained a great deal of confidence from my MedApplications course and I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like to improve their chances of receiving an offer of admission. This course made all the difference in the world for my chances and I would have been hard-pressed to succeed without this preparation.