Last Updated on July 9, 2020

What Is SOAP?

SOAP stands for Supplemental Offer of Acceptance Program ( . Unmatched or partially matched residences in the main residency match are able to participate in SOAP, a supplemental application to the National Residency Matching Program. Applicants continue to use ERAS to identify their program of interest. On average 1000-1200 medical residency spots are available after the first iteration of the National Residency Matching Program. Based upon the ERAS applications submitted, program directs create a preference list of applicants in the Registration, Ranking and Results (R3®) System.

What is the R3® System?


The R3® system offers medical residency positions to applicants in a series of rounds in order of each program’s preference list. It also factors in the number of unfilled positions remaining in the program during each round. Through a series of “rounds” programs are assigned applicants in a “match”. Applicants can expect to receive multiple offers in any R3® match round and have only 2 hours to accept or reject an offer. This fast-paced iterative round systems allows for a smooth matching of all remaining medical residency positions in the United States.

Applicants who have gone unmatched in the first iteration of the NRP will use the SOAP system to enter into the R3® process. The dynamic list of Unfilled Residency Programs are available soon after the first match process has concluded. Program directors have the ability to continually update their program through the R3® system.

Am I Eligible For SOAP?

Supplemental Offer of Acceptance Program

Supplemental Offer of Acceptance
  • Registered for the Main Residency Match®- Active Application
  • Eligible to enter GME on July 1st of the year of the main residency match
  • Verified GME status by Medical School or ECFMG for International Medical Students
  • Unmatched or Partially Matching on the Monday of Match Week
  • Notification of SOAP eligibility via e-mail by the Friday prior to Match Week
  • SOAP notification indicates your ability to enter into SOAP but no your “match” status.

What if I go unmatched in the National Residency Matching Program (NRP)


  • Enlist the assistance of a Professional Medical Coach
  • Objective review of your ERAS Application, Transcripts, USMLE Scores, Letters of Recommendation
  • Objective review of your Medical Residency Program selections
  • Objective review of your Medical Residency Program Geographic Selections
  • Understand potential areas of improvement on your application
  • Improve upon your ERAS medical residency interview
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy for repeat ERAS Application the following year
  • Develop a plan for the “GAP YEAR” before your next eligible residency application

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