Traditional MD and QuARMS MD

The Queen’s MMI is composed of traditional MMI stations separated by two minute breaks and eight minute stations. At each station, pre-medical candidates will interact with diverse medical examiners represent the Queen’s School of Medicine faculty, medical student body and medical residency program. At the conclusion of the Queen’s MMI, candidates will have an additional opportunity to discuss the highlights of their applications and inquire about the Queen’s medical school program. This concluding phase represents the more traditional panel style medical school interview.

As one of the oldest North American medical schools, Queen’s Medical School interviews roughly 450-550 applicants for approximately 100 standard MD route positions. The QuARMS program additionally incorporates the Queen’s medicine MMI as a pre-screening medical school admissions tool.

How To prepare For The Queen’s Multiple Mini Interview

Queen’s MMI

How to prepare for the Queen’s MMI? For many aspiring medical students, the Queen’s School of Medicine is one of the most challenging medical school interviews in Canada. The combination of panel style and Multiple Mini Interview formats creates an added dimension that poses unique obstacles for many students preparing for the Queen’s medical school interview. The key elements of preparation center on understanding the origins of Queen’s Medicine, the student demographic, Kingston culture and a masterful grasp of medical ethics, healthcare and current events. These core elements for the basis of a successful interview preparation strategy. At MedApplications, our Queen’s physicians incorporate first hand clinical experience as practicing physicians in Kingston in addition to experience on the admissions committee. Queen’s New Medical School Building has also pioneered the ideal framework and setting for innovative medical educational modalities.

How To Succeed In Queen’s Medicine MMI

Medical School Interview

Queens University MMI

As an innovator in medical education, the Queen’s MMI will keep candidates on their toes to ensure only the most representative students for Queen’s medical school are admitted.

  • Dedication: Exuding confidence and passion for Queen’s medicine will speak volumes about your character, skillset and suitability for Queen’s medicine.
  • True to your Roots: Instilling your personality, motivations and core values will resonate with the interview panel. Practice makes perfect in getting a handle on your core attributes.
  • Challenge Yourself: Prepare with confidence but remain humble. Challenge yourself in tackling the most challenging MMI scenarios. At MedApplications we begin our students with introductory scenarios and swiftly advance to the most challenging MMI scenarios around.
  • Academic and Non-Academic: Both ends of the spectrum are crucial in maintaining a high level of thought when successfully answering MMI scenarios. Your non-academic contributions tell the interviewer a lot about your personality and character. Don’t shy away from your hobbies and interests, they aid in defining you.

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