Last Updated on June 15, 2020

Expert Review Of All Application Components

The University of Toronto Medical School Application Review Program combines expert review of all application components required for a successful University of Toronto Medicine application submission. The University of Toronto Medical School Application is an extremely important component of your pre-interview ranking score which can be the deciding factor of whether you are successful at obtaining a Medical School Interview. Our medical doctors work with you to produce a competitive OMSAS Autobiographical Sketch and University of Toronto Supplementary Application that highlights your strengths and caters to what medical school admissions committees are looking for.

The OMSAS Autobiographical sketch is one of the most important elements of the OMSAS medical school application. Many students are unsure how to best describe their activities, while keeping in mind what medical school are looking for. Our medical doctors have first-hand experience in reviewing medical school applications and will work with you to clearly highlight your strengths in association with medical school core competencies. We provide overall comments on your competitiveness, in addition to directly editing your OMSAS Autobiographical sketch to make it shine.

MedApplications™ University of Toronto Medical School Application Review Program

Covers Your Medical School Application To:

  • University of Toronto
  • McMaster Michael G DeGroote School of Medicine (ABS Only)
  • Queen’s Medicine (ABS Only)
  • Western Schulich School of Medicine (ABS Only)
  • University of Ottawa Medicine (ABS and Meaningful Experiences Only)

What’s Included

Features included with our package:

  • Comprehensive Review of your UofT Supplementary Application
  • Autobiographical Sketch (ABS)
  • Autobiographical Sketch (ABS) Meaningful Experiences

Get Matched with MedApplications

Packages start at $345

  • MD Application Strategy (120 Minutes)
  • ABS Strategy Session (60 Minutes)
  • MD School Selection/Competitiveness (60 Minutes)
  • ABS and Application Edit/Review
  • Reference Letter Review (60 Minutes)
  • CASPer Preparation (90 Minutes)
  • Interview Preparation (MPI, MMI, Panel)
  • Unlimited Access To:
  • – Canadian MD Schools
  • – Application Revisions
  • – CASPer Tests
  • – Mock Interviews
  • – Webinars
  • – Ebooks and Resources
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