CASPеr® Tеѕt Prераrаtіоn for International Medical Graduates (IMG)

CASPer Test Preparation

CASPer® is required for West Virginia University School of Medicine, medical school application.

All Applicants who receive a secondary application are encouraged to complete the CASPer® evaluation to assist the medical school Admissions process. Your CASPer® results will provide the Admissions Team with additional information about you as an applicant. It is permissible to sign up for a CASPer® test date and complete the evaluation after your medical school application has been submitted. Please note that CASPer® results will be available to West Virginia University School of Medicine three weeks from your test date. Please be mindful that applicants will be invited for interviews with or without CASPer® results, as testing for the 2018 cycle is optional.

West Virginia School of Medicine and CASPer

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