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Western University Panel Medical School Interview

Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

The Schulich School of Medicine, Western University Medical School Panel Interview encompasses the look and feel of a traditional medical school interview. Rich in tradition, The Schulich School of Medicine emphasizes a competitive GPA, above standard MCAT requirements and a unique interest in community advocacy, rural health and well-roundedness. London, Ontario lies adjacent to many thriving small communities whom are served by Western University’s healthcare institutions.

As a result, Western’s Panel Interview caters to a pre-medical candidate’s deep rooted interest in the London and surrounding community. At MedApplications, our Western physicians are passionate about local advocacy and rural health, providing aspiring medical students with first-hand clinical, research and interview experience.

The Schulich School of Medicine

Panel Interview Preparation

How to prepare for The Schulich School of Medicine panel interview? This is a common question facing many pre-medical candidates. Like most medical school interviews, understanding your OMSAS application, strengths, weaknesses and motivations for pursuing medicine is the starting point. However, in this traditional panel style medical school interview, you have 30-40 minutes to make a lasting impression. It is essential to understanding how you fit into the Schulich School of Medicine’s greater community. What do you bring to the table? What do you hope to achieve from medical training at the Schulich School of Medicine? What is your proudest achievement? Have you mastered medical ethics? These are the burning questions that need to be answered prior to going into your interview with confidence.

How to Succeed in The Schulich School of Medicine Medical School Interview


Succeeding in The Schulich School of Medicine, Panel Style interview comes down to interview essentials and preparedness:

Know your Application: For many pre-medical candidates, their rich diversity of experience may have occurred across a long time span. Ensuring you are up to date and well versed with the nuances of your application will be key to a successful interview.

Practice: For many pre-medical students practicing aloud is typically incorporated towards the end of their medical school interview preparation. We advise rehearsing early. Articulate your answers in front of expert reviewers to ensure you are receiving expert feedback catered to The Schulich School of Medicine panel interview.

Be Polished: Your first impression is the most important. In order to stand out, you need to maintain the inner confidence to advocate for your achievements. A comforting personality will go a long way with a seasoned interview panel.

Know the School: The Schulich School of Medicine has a unique approach to medicine, medical student recruitment and healthcare delivery. Understanding these pivotal backbones of the medical school is essential in being successful.

Practice Questions for The Schulich School of Medicine (Western University)

Panel Style Medical School Interview

  1. Why have you decided to pursue The Schulich School of Medicine for your medical training?
  2. What is your biggest failure and why?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  4. What medical specialty most interests you and why?
  5. Please discuss your experiences as it relates to medicine.

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