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Medical School for High School Students

If you are thinking about medical school as a High School student you are already off to a great start. MedApplications specializes in preparing High School students for a medical career via Direct Medical Programs (eg. BS-BA/MD) or Early Assurance Medical Programs in Canada, United States and Internationally. We also specialize in the transition from High School to coveted undergraduate Life Science, Health Science and Pre-Medical Biomedical degrees. While a traditional medical career path requires a 3 or 4 year undergraduate/college degree followed by 3 or 4 years of medical school, Accelerated Medical Programs shave off between 1 and 3 years, propelling students through a streamlined medical pathway right from the beginning.

For many High School students, this marks the beginning of an incredible pursuit towards medicine. Our medical doctors have vast experience collaborating with High School Students, Guidance Offices, Preparatory and Boarding Schools, in addition to some of the most exclusive private high schools worldwide. Our primary goal is to prepare our students to succeed in achieving medical school acceptance at top tier medical programs worldwide. Our comprehensive approach to High School Students is unparalleled.

We begin by understanding your academic, extra-curricular and social life to strategize how best to integrate the necessary components to make you a successful medical school applicant. Our physicians specialize in medical school selection, medical school pre-requisites, medical school letters of recommendation, medical school entrance exams (e.g. MCAT, BMAT, UKCAT, SAT, ACT), in addition to students pursuing Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate degrees.

MedApplications™ Pre-Med Consulting Programs

All Of Our Pre-Med Consulting Packages

  • Premium High School Coaching

    $ $3,995.00
  • Ultimate High School MD Admissions Program

    $ $14,995.00
  • Direct Medical School Application Review

    $ $1,295.00

Preparation Starts in High School

Medical Standardized Tests

Preparing for key standardized tests in high school can pose uniquely challenging. On top of trying to balance a rigorous academic work load, adding additional tests including, the SAT, ACT, UKCAT, BMAT or ISAT can be daunting. Our medical doctors work with you to plan standardized test timelines and ensure you are on track to keep all medical school opportunities open.

Medical Placements

As a high school student our medical doctors help you apply and secure the most prestigious medical placements worldwide. We help you find medical placements for high school students. We assist you in sourcing out medical observerships, hospital volunteer work, medical research, medical volunteer placements and global health opportunities to enhance your medical school application and candidate profile. Our medical doctors will support you with your applications to these coveted programs and coach you through interviews and acceptances.

Medical Research

Medical research for high school students is challenging due to age, experience and research acumen. However, at MedApplications, our physicians teach and support high school students to excel in clinical and basic science research. We help source research supervisors, medical research placements and available medical research scholarships to begin building a competitive pre-medical profile.

Medical Volunteering

Volunteering as a high school student is an essential aspect of your high school degree and a key element of your medical school application and medical school interview. Pursuing healthcare related activities and a well balanced mix of other extra-Curriculars is crucial to being a competitive applicant. Our medical coaches help you brainstorm volunteering positions in your area, assist with volunteer applications and interviews to ensure you remain competitive. We aim to balance your schedule to you enjoy your activities and keep a balanced life style.

Our Medical Doctors Become Your Coach

Our longstanding track records of successfully helping high school students get accepted to medical school, we are here to support from beginning to end. The medical school journey is filled with many steps and obstacles. Our medical doctors work with you to ensure the process is, rewarding, efficient and stress free. We build your confidence through brainstorming sessions, comprehensive application reviews, interview preparation and medical coaching. Long after your medical school acceptance, we help students with medical research, clinical skills and medical school course work.

Medical Consultants

Our Medical Team

  • Tanya Y MDc

    Tanya Y MDc

  • Dr. Sarah C

    Dr. Sarah C

  • Dr. Phillip A

    Dr. Phillip A

  • Dr. Nicolas A

    Dr. Nicolas A

  • Dr. Ilya M

    Dr. Ilya M

  • Dr. Colin R

    Dr. Colin R

  • Dr. Claudia F

    Dr. Claudia F

  • Dr. Winny L

    Dr. Winny L

  • Raphael R MDc

    Raphael R MDc

  • Dr. Carrie H

    Dr. Carrie H

  • Selam Ogbalidet

    Selam Ogbalidet

  • Dr. Matthew

    Dr. Matthew

  • Dr. Iliya M

    Dr. Iliya M

  • David D

    David D

  • Dr. Matthieu H

    Dr. Matthieu H

  • Dr. Ada G

    Dr. Ada G

  • Dr. Daniel Moroz

    Dr. Daniel Moroz

  • Dr. Alex Jiang

    Dr. Alex Jiang

  • Dr. M Tan

    Dr. M Tan

  • Dayae Jeong

    Dayae Jeong

  • Pinkal Patel

    Pinkal Patel

  • Kayla Furlong

    Kayla Furlong

  • Dr. Ziad Simon Fawaz

    Dr. Ziad Simon Fawaz

  • Dr. Vlad Diaconita

    Dr. Vlad Diaconita

  • Dr. Lucy Yang

    Dr. Lucy Yang

  • Dr. Ryan Heron

    Dr. Ryan Heron

  • Dr. Leora Day

    Dr. Leora Day

  • Dr. Michael Mak

    Dr. Michael Mak

  • Dr. Jason Martin

    Dr. Jason Martin

  • Dr. Han Yan

    Dr. Han Yan

  • Dr. Meriem Latrous

    Dr. Meriem Latrous

  • Dr. Jimmy Yan

    Dr. Jimmy Yan

  • Dr. Nilay Shah

    Dr. Nilay Shah

  • Janelle Yu

    Janelle Yu

  • Dr. Gautamn Sarwal

    Dr. Gautamn Sarwal

  • Dr. Thomas Shi

    Dr. Thomas Shi

  • Dr. Moness Masri

    Dr. Moness Masri

  • Dr. Richard Alexander

    Dr. Richard Alexander

  • Dr. Annie Liu

    Dr. Annie Liu

  • Dr. Jeffrey Wieskopf

    Dr. Jeffrey Wieskopf

  • Dr. Robert Dale

    Dr. Robert Dale

  • Dr. J Cai

    Dr. J Cai

  • Dr. Surpreet Maan

    Dr. Surpreet Maan

  • Dr. Christopher Aking

    Dr. Christopher Aking

  • Dr. Aleksandar Brezar

    Dr. Aleksandar Brezar

  • Dr. Jay Ching Wang

    Dr. Jay Ching Wang

  • Dr. Priya Sharma

    Dr. Priya Sharma

  • Dr. Eric W

    Dr. Eric W

Our Partners

med school application partners

Our Application Consultants


Our Consultants specialize in your medical school application.

We work with you every step of the way as your personal medical coach. With first-hand experience as practicing medical doctors we know what it takes to achieve success in the medical school admissions process. During application crunch time, we work round the clock to ensure your application is completed to the highest of competitive standards. Find Out More About MedApplications


MedApplications Guarantee


Our Medical Coaches pride ourselves on offering a premium service by leading physicians in medical school preparation. However, if you do not find your consultation useful, or feel that the consultant is not a great fit, you must let your consultant know at the conclusion of your first consultation or review, prior to finishing and we will contact you to arrange another complimentary session or review with a new consultant. See Terms and Conditions


Get On The Inside Track


Success Stories

Alyssa (May 2016)

Accepted to McMaster University & University of Ottawa Medicine

“My experience with MedApplications was fantastic! The interview seminar and manual were very instructive regarding specific topics to focus on for the interview and approaches to answering different question types…

David (May 2016)

Accepted to Western University Schulich School of Medicine

“I enrolled in a MedApplications Interview seminar one month prior to my first medical school interview opportunity. Before participating in the course, I had very little specific knowledge regarding interview format, question types, emphasis and expectations of the interviewers…

Vanessa (June 2016)

“I was accepted at Ottawa which was my ideal school and my only interview. Josh was absolutely wonderful and definitely part of my success! He was very helpful throughout the entire process :)”

Ian (May 2015)

McMaster University of Medicine

“I used the MedApplications seminar and mock interview services before I had my interviews at Queen’s and McMaster medical schools, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision…

Carolyn (2015)

Queen’s University Medicine

“My experience with medapplications.com was great. What I liked most about my consultant is that he always responded in time about any concerns that I had…

Liana (May 2016)

University of Western Shulich School of Medicine

“Before working with medapplications, I had a fear of interviews. I’ve had practices with friends and other students, but for some reason I wasn’t able to gain the confidence needed….

Marlene (August 2016)

University of London St. George’s College

“Hi MedApplications, just to let you know that Isabelle got an offer from University of London St. George’s College. The competition this year was quite challenging…


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