Master the Modified Personal Interview (MPI), Virtual vMPI and get into the University of Toronto Medical School.

Are you worried about your upcoming MPI Interview? Expert-led preparation can make all the difference and ensure you jump that last hurdle for full acceptance into the University of Toronto’s prestigious Faculty of Medicine.

The Modified Personal Interview (MPI) has become the standard medical school interview format at the University of Toronto. It’s designed to enable interviewers to assess each candidate’s character and background, as well as determine whether they possess the skills and qualities required for success at medical school.

The MPI is not easy. Your goal is to distinguish yourself among other talented applicants through your answers. You’ll need to demonstrate to MPI interviewers that you’re a notch above and truly serious about this field.

Let MedApplications make MPI prep easy. Perfect your MPI interview skills to ensure you make the cut. Gain tips, tricks, and strategies from the field’s best advisors, MPI experts, and other relevant specialists.

MPI Prep Ace the vMPI (Virtual MPI):

MPI stands for the Modified Personal Interview. It’s an interview-style test used today at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. The MPI evaluates prospective students during the final stages of the admissions process.

The MPI consists of four individual stations that are 12 minutes long with 3-minute breaks in between each station. Interviews are carried out by a professional that’s tied to U of T’s medical community. Candidates will be tested on their overall “fit” for medical school with questions that aim to demonstrate their unique perspective, character, how they view important issues, and more. The entire test takes one hour to complete. 

The MPI interview will assess each applicant’s professionalism, collaboration skills, academic knowledge, and dedication to community service. Our advisors will help you ace your MPI interview!

MPI & vMPI Packages Offered by MedApplications


  • MPI Resource Folder
  • Live MPI Coaching Session with Advisor
  • Full-Length Mock Interview
  • Comprehensive Feedback with Rubric
  • In-Person Interview Preparation*     
  • Extended Interview Preparation Sessions*
  • Mix and Match
  • Success Guarantee*
  • Working with Experts – The Match Process

Premium MPI Interview Program

  • MPI Resource Folder
  • MPI Coaching Session 1 Hour Coaching
  • Full-Length MPI Mock Interview with Feedback 3 Mock Interviews
  • Comprehensive Feedback with Rubric

Comprehensive MPI Interview Program

  • MPI Resource Folder
  • MPI Coaching Session 1.5 Hours Coaching
  • Full-Length MPI Mock Interview with Feedback 5 Mock Interviews
  • Comprehensive Feedback with Rubric
  • Extended Interview Preparation Sessions* Upgrade Available
  • Mix and Match Upgrade Available
  • Mix and Match
  • Our Guarantee*
  • Working with Experts – The Match Guarantee

Ultimate MPI Interview Program

  • MPI Resource Folder
  • MPI Coaching Session 3 Hours Coaching
  • Full-Length MPI Mock Interview with Feedback 10 Mock Interviews
  • Comprehensive Feedback with Rubric
  • In-Person Inteview Preparation* Upgrade Available
  • Extended Interview Preparation Sessions* Upgrade Available
  • Mix and Match
  • Our Guarantee*
  • Working with Experts – The Match Guarantee

MedApplications MPI Prep programs include:

  • Face-to-face interactions with coaches through in-person or online video conferencing. No matter where you are or what your schedule looks like, we can find a time convenient for you to practice.
  • Advice from MPI Advisors. Learn from the best.
  • Mock interviews with experienced interviewers that simulate the real deal to help you build your confidence.
  • A comprehensive approach to MPI. Our program offers complete coverage of all MPI-related topics. Cover all the bases through webinars, sample examinations, and feedback from real medical professionals.

Ace the MPI and overcome the final hurdle to medical school.

Enroll in our industry leading MPI prep programs.

MPI Interviews:  Why you need expert advice to improve your odds.

Practice is the key to gaining confidence to ace the MPI. There are many valid ways to approach preparation, but most students follow these best practices:

  • Know what U of T med school interviewers are looking for. What character traits do they value most? What can you focus on to impress them? The University of Toronto is looking for professional and knowledgeable team players to fill their limited seats.
  • Refresh your knowledge on medical topics, including recent events in the medical field, both in local terms and internationally.
  • Practice your interviewing skills. Get a friend or family member to practice with you and rehearse your answers. Make sure you can summarize your past experiences as it applies to med school. 

Practicing on your own, however, may not be enough to ensure success with the MPI interview. 

Consider enrolling in a Med Applications MPI preparation program. Our MPI specialists understand what it takes for success on the MPI and can help you achieve it.

An MPI prep program carried out by our experienced team can help you:

  • Understand the MPI interview structure, flow, and expectations
  • Get fully prepared with a deep understanding of the MPI interview structure
  • Get real-world practice that mimics the style of the Modified Personal Interview

After all, you’ve worked hard to get where you are… don’t risk wasting all that effort by failing the MPI.

Why choose an MPI prep program from MedApplications?

The answer is easy: MedApplications has spent years creating the best Modified Personal Interview (MPI) preparation program in North America. Our advisors and MPI experts know what it takes to be successful.

Our packages provide you with actionable insights, crafted Modified Personal Interview algorithms, and hundreds of Modified Personal Interview scenarios that can make the difference. With MedApplications, you get:

  • Personalized guidance from our MPI experts. No form of MPI preparation is more effective than coaching. Our specialists teach you all the tools you’ll need to succeed.
  • Relevant knowledge. The MPI focuses on awareness of current medical issues and proficiency with academic medical content. Our programs will ensure you are current about topics like CanMEDS roles, ethics in Canadian medical practice, relevant legal cases, and current events in American and Canadian healthcare – so you can impress the evaluators.
  • Training to present yourself as the right fit. U of T looks for maturity, perseverance, leadership skills, and a sense of social responsibility in successful applicants. Our experts will help you showcase your best traits — and communicate like a future U of T med school student.
  • Training to personalize your responses. Using rehearsed, generic answers won’t leave a positive impression on your interviewers. Let our experts show you how to add that personal touch that will make your interviews stand out from the rest.
  • Confidence. Your responses flow better, and your achievements will shine brighter when you’re sure of yourself. We can help you feel confident so you will sound poised and prepared, yet not too arrogant, in your interviews.

Have questions about mastering your MPI Interviews?