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Interview Preparation for Optometry Multiple Mini Interview

The Optometry interview in Canada and the United States uses the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) style. The most important component of the Optometry School admissions pathway is the Optometry Interview. Many Optometry programs in North America have changed to the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), which is though to be the best way of assessing a candidate’s suitability for Doctor of Optometry candidacy. The Optometry School MMI challenges candidates with unique, Optometry medicine focused scenarios that assess critical thinking, communication, conflict resolution, ethics in Optometry medicine and Optometry treatment.

At MedApplications™, we specialize in MMI preparation for Optometry. We also specialise in preparing you for the mission objectives set out by Optometry institutions in North America. As the leading MMI preparation firm in North America, we know exactly what it takes to be successful in the Optometry MMI. Many of our Optometry interview coaches are have an extensive background as clinical and academic Optometrists. We specialize in assisting Canadian pre- Optometry students, American pre- Optometry students and International Optometrists interested in practicing in North America.

Optometry School Interview Preparation Experts


At MedApplications™ our diverse team of MMI interview coaches, are here to build you confidence in the Doctor of Optometry MMI. As the leading interview preparation consulting firm in Medicine, we have incorporated our many years of expertise into the field of Optometry with a greater than 90% admission rate in Canada and the United States. We also specialize in assisting High School students interested in a career in Optometry early on their education.

How to Prepare for your Optometry Interview

Preparing for your Optometry School Interview can be challenging, especially when facing the Multiple Mini Interview, one of the most challenging interview formats. The MMI places you in challenging and novel scenarios. Many excellent Optometry candidates fail to articulate their wide array of achievements successfully in the MMI. It is important to quickly understand the intention of the MMI scenario, transitioning to a thoughtful and well-articulated answer. As the leading Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) preparation company in North America, our medical consultants specialize in preparing pre- Optometry students for the Optometry Multiple Mini Interview in Canada and the United States. We combined our evidence-based approach to the Optometry school interview with real life practice and mock interviews to ensure you are at your best on interview day.

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Optometry School Admissions Requirements in Canada:

School University of Waterloo Université de Montréal
Length of program 4 4
Acedemic requirements Please see the Optometry website for detailed information Required: Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) or Secondary School Graduation Diploma (SSGD) with 6 OACs and one year of university with credits in courses that are equivalent to those U of montreal Courses (BIOL 301, 401, CHEM 101, 201, 202, MATH 103, 203, PHYS 101, 201, 301) until 2003, SSGD with 6 U/UC grade 12 courses (in either English or French) from 2003 on.
Non-academic requirements
  • Supplementary form of admission
  • Interview
  • Contact information for two references
Not specified by school
Citizenship Canadian citizen or permanent resident for at least 12 months

Optometry Educational requirements; How to become an Optometrist:

  • A minimum of three years of undergraduate education, preferably in the sciences; Please NOTE:  In Québec two years of CEGEP is accepted at the undergraduate level.
  • A four or five year university program in optometry, accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education;
  • An increasing number of optometrists choose to do an additional year of residency training upon completion of their Doctor of Optometry degree;
  • Upon completion of the course in optometry, the graduate is required to satisfy provincial board requirements in the province or territory in which they intend to practice. This process also includes a national examination administered by the Optometry Examining Board of Canada. Licensure by the provincial or territorial governing body is required. These requirements ensure the public receives the highest standards of optometric care.

Doctor of Optometry Applications

Acing your Optometry Application

Applying to become an Optometrist in the United States and Canada has become increasingly competitive as one of the leading healthcare careers. Applications to pursue Optometry incorporate rigorous Academic and Non-Academic requirements. The requirements for Optometry from the Non-Academic perspective include: Academic Awards, Non-Academic Awards, Work Experience, Volunteer Experience and Shadowing of Optometrist. Typically, more than 10-20 hours of real life Optometry experience is recommend prior to applying to pursue a Doctor of Optometry program.

In addition to the Doctor of Optometry Application, the OAT (Optometry Admissions Test) is a pre-requisite of nearly all Optometry programs in North America. At MedApplications™ we specialize in the Doctor of Optometry application. We pool together the clinical, admissions and application experience of our Optometrists and Medical Doctors to craft a compelling and competitive Optometry application.

Optometry Admissions Test (OAT)

Succeeding on your OAT: The inside Track

The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry administer the Optometry Admissions Test as a mandatory requirement for pursuing a Doctor of Optometry degree in North America. This leads to a professional degree in a fulfilling and successful healthcare career. The OAT examines the Natural Sciences, Reading Comprehension, Physics, Quantitative Reasoning and Critical thinking.

OAT sections scores are based on an index system ranging from 200 to 400. An OAT score of 300 is considered to be in the 50th percentile. While there is no absolute OAT score required, competitive OAT scores of at least 300 is deemed to be reasonably average for the Sciences and Reading comprehension sections.

Optometry Admissions Consulting

Optometry and Vision Science Interviews

Candidates considered competitive for the Doctor of Optometry interview have demonstrated high academic performance and strong foundational skills. Interview formats vary between traditional panel style Optometry interviews, conversational Optometry Interview, Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) and hybrids. Typically a personal interview with faculty and members of the Optometry profession will participate in the interview. Round table discussion with current OD students will also give you a chance to find out more about the program, school and available supports. Finally, students applying to the OD program will receive a tour of the facilities and clinical areas.

Admissions and Applications Consulting

At MedApplications™ our medical experts specialize in drafting Doctor of Optometry applications within Canada and the United States. We begin by counselling pre-optometry students on advanced clinical placements, optometry shadowing, clinical research and leadership activities to build a successful profile. Our expertise in medical applications is carried through to the Doctor of Optometry applications. This is an essential component of your success in securing acceptance to Optometry. Our physicians also specialize in Optometry Interview preparation.

Why choose an MMI prep program from MedApplications?

It’s simple: MedApplications has designed the leading Multiple Mini Interview preparation program in North America. Our optometry consultants and MMI experts for optometry medicine are top professionals (including past MMI adjudicators) who will equip you with everything you need to succeed in your Multiple Mini Interview.This includes specialized tips and tricks, patented Multiple Mini Interview algorithms, and hundreds of Multiple Mini Interview scenarios and practice questions. With MedApplications, you get:

  • Coaching by Optometry Consultants and past MMI interviewers from the school at which you are interviewing. You get paired with an MMI expert with first-hand experience of the school you are applying to.
  • Preparation in understanding issues relevant to the MMI: Optometry ethics, animal rights, optometry-legal matters, Canadian and American optometry issues, and relevant optometry content as needed.
  • Best practice approaches to the most common Multiple Mini Interview stations
  • Personal guidance to master acting, critical thinking and communication stations
  • Focused training via mock interview circuits designed with increasing level of difficulty to build your confidence, skillset and finesse
  • Both English and French language programs available
  • 100% success rate with our Ultimate MMI program*. No other MMI prep program offers you THIS much.

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