How to become a Physician Assistant

Physicians’ assistants in the United States have been commonplace in the Emergency Departments, Complex Ambulatory Clinics, Surgical Assists and Specialty clinics across America. In Canada, Physician Assistants have gradually become an essential component of successful inpatient teams including, Cardiovascular Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery and Chronic Pain/Anesthesia. In Canadian Emergency Departments, physicians’ assistants have taken on a greater role in triaging patients and providing emergency care.

As a career, becoming a Physician Assistant places you right in the action of the busiest medical hospitals in North America. The pathway to become a Physician Assistant however is challenging. The Physician Assistant admissions process is complex and has become increasingly competitive. Most Physician Assistant Education Programs are 24-months, composed of 12 months of clinical practice and 12 months of clinical science courses.

PA School Admission Requirements: How to get into PA Schools in the United States and Canada

Becoming a successful Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant Education Programs in the United States and Canada are variable in regards to their academic and non-academic requirements. We recommend you review each program for their specifications. In general, applicants must have a minimum 2 years of undergraduate or college study. College programs that emphasize small group and problem based learning are an asset. The GPA cut-offs for Physician Assistant program vary, but typically require minimums of 3.0 on a 4.0 GPA scale. Upon acceptance to a Physician Assistant Education program, candidates must complete an Adult and Child CPR and First-AID course.

At MedApplications™ our Medical Coaches are experts in preparing students for Physician Assistant programs across North America. Our medical doctors specialize in transferring our clinical experience and medical admissions insight to your admissions counselling.

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Physician Assistant Application Support

The Physician Assistant Application is comprised of multiple components, which are variable between Physician Assistant Programs in the United States and Canada. All applicants are required to submit a primary application which may consist of a personal statement, CV and letters of recommendation. At most programs, detailing specifically why you are interested in pursuing a career as a physician assistant is essential. Understanding what a career as a Physician Assistant entails is critical to successfully articulating your reasons and strengths for pursuing this amazing career path.

Physician Assistant Education Program Interviews: The Multiple Mini Interview for PA Schools

The Physician Assistant interview is the most important step in the Physician Assistant Admissions process. Multiple different interview formats administered by Physician Assistant programs include: Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), Traditional Panel Interviews and Hybrid Physician Assistant Interviews. At MedApplications™ we are the leading Multiple Mini Interview preparation firm in North America. Our expert medical doctors will expertly prepare you for your Physician Assistant Interviews through content sessions, mock interviews and crash courses. As the leading provider of medical school interview preparation, we extend our many years of experience to the Physician Assistant Interview.

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When you sign on with MedApplications for MMI preparation coaching and assistance, you will be carefully matched with the right MMI physician expert for your specific needs. After all, there are many different health specialties and programs, so we go the extra distance to ensure your coach is well-versed in your particular health discipline and possesses helpful insights into your intended medical school and their admissions adjudication process.

To ensure MMI success, you’ll be paired with an expert MedApplications physician coach who deeply understands the MMI from the perspective of your health discipline, specific school and academic background.

MedApplications MMI Prep programs include:

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