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Are you thinking about applying to Veterinary college? Congratulations! You are about to embark on an amazing career. Our specialized veterinary consultants know exactly what it takes to help you be successful in getting into veterinary college. Our veterinary consultants become your mentors every step of the way!

The Veterinary Medical College Application Service (AAVMC)

Candidates must exhibit strong academic performance, dedication to Veterinary Medicine and significant involvement within their local, global and student community. The Veterinary Medical College Application Service (AAVMC) is a central application service providing candidates access to all Veterinary Medical College applications in North America. MedApplications™ specializes in helping students create competitive applications to Veterinary programs in North America. You work with Veterinary consultants directly with first-hand experience of what it takes to be successful.

Applying to the Ontario Veterinary College | University of Guelph

Admission to the four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program is highly competitive. Our specialized veterinary coaches know exactly what it takes to be successful in getting into OVC. Prior to applying to OVC, you’ll need to complete at least two years of an undergraduate degree including eight required courses. Your application will also be evaluated based upon personal references and your practical hands-on experience with animals and veterinarians.

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Dr. Matthew

Senior Medical Consultation MPI, MMI & Panel Specialist OMSAS Application Expert CaRMS Residency Expert Medical Doctorate: University of Toronto Matthew is a seasoned MPI and UofT expert with vast experience in medical school applications, admissions and interviews. He is an expert in CaRMS Residency applications for the most competitive programs in Canada. He has excelled at training high school students, university students and graduate students at all levels of education.

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Dr. Meriem L (UOttawa)

Clinician OMSAS, MMI and Panel Interview Specialist Senior CASPer® Consultant Medical Doctorate: University of Ottawa Meriem is a seasoned medical school interview and medical school application coach specializing in the Ontario Medical School Application. She also specializes in the University of Ottawa French Stream application. Meriem has been a valuable contributor to on-campus events at the University of Ottawa educating pre-medical students about successful strategies to gain acceptance to medical school.

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Dr. Fei H

Fei is in Internal Medicine and has a passion for medical education, mentoring and coaching. She received her Bachelor of Science at University of Toronto and completed medical school at University of Queensland in Australia. Fei specializes in NAC OSCES preparation, CaRMS IMG and couples match, and medical interview preparation.

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Sachin P

Dr. Sachin is a medical graduate of Queen’s University, pursuing internal medicine resident at the University of Toronto. He graduated from the Queen’s Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS) in 2016. Sachin has experience with the QuARMS program, high school direct medical applications to the UK, the McMaster Health Sciences Application, and Canadian medical school applications. He is excited to support MedApplications’ high school students.


Gain veterinary experience, specifically with a supervising veterinarian is essential in being competitive. Some examples include working with veterinarians in, clinical practice, research laboratories, animal shelters, animal rehabilitation facilities, public health settings or another related industry where a veterinarian is employed. The goal in making this a requirement is to ensure candidates truly know what it means to be a veterinarian. It is expected that this category of experience will involve job shadowing/assisting the veterinarian(s) and not just reception or other administrative duties.

It has been suggested that experience within Canada and the USA is recommended, rather than only pursuing international opportunities. Remember there is no minimum amount of experience required, but you should be doing enough to convince an objective evaluator that you are passionate about veterinary medicine.


According to OCV: “Animal experience includes working with livestock, breeding/showing various species, working in a pet store, equestrian activities and any other animal related hobby/experience where a veterinarian is not always present, or does not supervise you. Animal experience does not include pet ownership or college/university courses that involve animals. Animals are defined as vertebrates for this purpose.


Working in a team setting is critical for any job in healthcare. Showing this to an admissions panel is an important step in being competitive. Jobs, sports, and volunteer activities that hone your communication, interpersonal and organizational skills are important. These experiences do not have to involve working with animals. These experiences are ones you are actively involved in and have a role in (organizing, volunteering in, etc.). Being simply a member is not enough.

What are the Prerequisites for Veterinary Medicine?

The requirements for each Veterinary Medical College vary across Canada, the United States and Internationally and we encourage all our students to review the specific websites of each institution. As a general rule a competitive GPA will demonstrate a 3.7 in each of the science and non-science prerequisites required for the Veterinary Medical program. Within Canada, the MCAT is no longer required. In the United States, some programs may still accept the MCAT as a component of your application.

Ace your NAC OSCE!

Enroll with our leading NAC OSCE programming led by experienced Canadian doctors. As of now we full expect the NAC OSCE to occur in September 2020. WE will closely follow any updates from the Medical Council of Canada

Programming starts at $395

Our approach to your success in an Application to Veterinary College:

You work with our Veterinary Consultants

If you want to become a competitive applicant for veterinary college, gain the inside track by working with our Veterinary specific consultants. We know exactly what it takes to be successful in getting into Veterinary college. We can help you with your application, interview and strategy for streamlining your approach to a career in veterinary medicine.

Veterinary School Interviews (DVM Interview Questions)

Preparing for your Vet interview can be uniquely challenging as each institution adopts a varied interview format. Most Veterinary Medical programs have adopted the Multiple Mini Interview as the mainstay of interview assessment. At MedApplications™ we are the leading MMI interview Preparation Company in North America. We have excelled at expertly preparing students with their Veterinary Medicine interview by specifically focusing on core objectives engrained in Veterinary medicine. We customize full-length mock MMI interviews to give you the look and feel of the real MMI interview. For many students, our MMI preparation for Veterinary medicine gives them the confidence and skill set required to succeed.

At MedApplications™ our area of specialty includes creating comprehensive strategies at developing a competitive candidate profile for Veterinary medicine. Our medical team works with pre-veterinary students to secure shadowing placements; volunteer work and community engagements that are high yield and show favourably to the admissions committee.

Have questions about mastering your MMI Interviews?

Why choose an MMI prep program from MedApplications?

It’s simple: MedApplications has designed the leading Multiple Mini Interview preparation program in North America. Our veterinary consultants and MMI experts for veterinary medicine are top professionals (including past MMI adjudicators) who will equip you with everything you need to succeed in your Multiple Mini Interview.This includes specialized tips and tricks, patented Multiple Mini Interview algorithms, and hundreds of Multiple Mini Interview scenarios and practice questions. With MedApplications, you get:

  • Coaching by Veterinary Consultants and past MMI interviewers from the school at which you are interviewing. You get paired with an MMI expert with first-hand experience of the school you are applying to.
  • Preparation in understanding issues relevant to the MMI: Veterinary ethics, animal rights, veterinary-legal matters, Canadian and American veterinary issues, and relevant veterinary content as needed.
  • Best practice approaches to the most common Multiple Mini Interview stations
  • Personal guidance to master acting, critical thinking and communication stations
  • Focused training via mock interview circuits designed with increasing level of difficulty to build your confidence, skillset and finesse
  • Both English and French language programs available
  • 100% success rate with our Ultimate MMI program*. No other MMI prep program offer you THIS much.

100% Money Back Guarantee.

We Match You With the Best Doctor for the Job and Guarantee Your Success When You Purchase our Ultimate MMI Interview Package.

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