NAC OSCE Mock Practice Exam


MedApplications NAC OSCE Mock Practice Exam (Toronto).
Held in Toronto, our MedApplications Practice Exam is the most realistic NAC OSCE mock exam available in North America. With a 100% predictive NAC OSCE success rate, this simulated test helps you isolate and address any problem areas to ensure you pass the actual NAC OSCE.

Test Yourself Before The Real Exam – And Tap Into Our 100% Pass Rate

Build confidence, catch errors—and make sure you pass the NAC OSCE with flying colours. Don’t skip the most realistic NAC OSCE practice exam available in North America that will guarantee your chances of success. The MedApplications NAC OSCE Mock Practice Exam has a 100% predictive pass rate, making NAC OSCE success a sure thing for you. Held in Toronto, this 3-hour practice exam, with 1 hour of group feedback, gives you simulated exam stations, a detailed performance rubric and in-depth feedback from our top Canadian physicians. Why risk writing the NAC OSCE without it?

What You Receive

  • Approximately 3-hours of realistic exam practice
  • 1 Hour group feedback with rubric
  • 12 Simulated NAC Exam Stations: communication, ethics and clinical stations
  • Proctored by top Canadian physicians, specialists and medical professionals
  • Detailed physician feedback and rubric on your performance
  • Culture appropriate communication style
  • Comprehensive debrief with sample answers

Why Buy?

  • 100% predictive pass rate!
  • Get a rubric on your performance
  • Get detailed feedback from top physicians
  • Be evaluated by an actively practicing doctor who is NAC OSCE-specialized (one who has either proctored the NAC exam or scored very high themselves).
  • Understand your strengths and effectively address your weaknesses
  • Target specific areas for improvement to strengthen your NAC OSCE performance
  • Assess your baseline for the NAC OSCE

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