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MedApplications’ Comprehensive Canadian Medical School Application Preparation Program
Are you serious about landing a coveted seat at a Canadian medical school? Our Comprehensive Canadian Medical School Application package can get you there, with valuable insights into your current application(s) that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Receive in-person coaching, multiple application reviews and other useful services that will help you create a stronger, more streamlined medical school application that will get you accepted.


Dramatically improve your chances at Canadian med school admission with our in-depth Application Enhancement Program

You’ve put a lot of effort into creating your Canadian medical school applications. But if you’re applying to five or more programs (which is common for most students), it may be challenging to ensure quality for each submission.

How do you guarantee that every application is up to the exacting standards that Canadian medical schools require? With so many students competing for limited spaces, you can’t afford to miss the mark.

Our Comprehensive package takes the guesswork out of the application process. Get five hours of application development and revisions from real Canadian MDs from your target schools. You’ll also receive an in-person consultation for specific edits, not just general comments to ensure your application is a notch above. Your assigned MD will help you make sense of every aspect of the application process, including the Autobiographical Sketch, OMSAS Application, and other school-specific considerations.

Let our specialists give you actionable feedback from the schools themselves that will give your application(s) the edge. The Comprehensive package is perfect for any student looking to significantly boost their chances of successful medical school acceptance.

What You Receive

  • 5 hours of application development, revision, and feedback
  • Focused guidance for one specific medical school application at a time
  • Unlimited application document revisions
  • Personalized advice from an MD specific to your target school
  • An in-person consultation to dramatically improve the quality of your application

Why Buy?

  • Get personalized guidance from a top Canadian MD in your field
  • Benefit from first-hand advice from reviewers and practicing physicians
  • Receive valuable support from an MD that understands what your target school is looking for
  • Receive in-depth refinements and editing (more than just comments) for your Canadian med school application(s)

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