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10 Tips For a Successful AMCAS Application (American Medical School)

May 14, 2018

10 Tips For a Successful AMCAS Application (American Medical School)

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AMCAS Application (American Medical School)The application cycle AMCAS 2018 started. If you are planning to apply for a medical school at the beginning of Fall 2018, you can now start working in parts of the application. Although the application is simple, it may be easy to make simple errors that can delay the verification process. To help you fulfill a faster processing program, we asked the AMCAS audit team to review and process thousands of AMCAS applications each year. The audit team has given us important tips to help you avoid errors and make sure your application has been successfully verified.

1. Intends to send your application in the J’s

AMCAS Application Tips

Plan to send the AMCAS application as soon as possible, ideally in June or July. Candidates are usually treated in the order in which their applications are received, so submit your application as soon as possible.

2. Have a copy of your official transcript by your side

Order a personal copy of the transcript so that you can refer it while you have completed a part of your application’s course. Write course names exactly as they appear on your transcript, including those from which you have withdrawn, missed, or repeated. AMCAS will confirm your application against your official transcript, and you can postpone things by typing errors or mistakes on your part.

3. Know exactly what you will need.

Get acquainted with all the elements of your AMCAS application well in advance, so there is no surprise or run to get the press releases and recommendations from the professor later. For example, all official transcripts should be sent to AMCAS directly from the Registry together with the AMCAS transcript request form. AMCAS says, “Problems with transcripts are the leading cause of missed processing times and missed applications.”

4. Be honest

You do not have to make, change or omit the required information in your application. If you are caught in any part of your application, even after you have accepted or started a medical education program, you will be banned from entering, trial or even deported.

5. Give priority to the Work and Activities section

You can report up to 15 extra-curricular experiences on the AMCAS application, which may include clinical, research or volunteer activities, as well as reputable honors, awards, and publications. Do not spend valuable real estate by adding unrelated, lower standards or short-term experiences. You will have the opportunity to mark up to 3 experiences as “most important”, which will give you 1,325 more characters to explain why. Carefully choose!

6. Your personal statement is a great opportunity

The personal statement of the medical school is the essay of one page (5,300 characters) giving the board an opportunity to better understand you as a candidate. This is the best chance of giving your human person an application to a medical school. Do not underestimate the power of this statement to get a strong and positive impression on the board.

7. Be clear

Make sure all the time is clearly taken into account. If there are gaps or ambiguities in the timeline of your education or career, it will send a red flag to the board. Even if you forget to count six months during your junior year, committees of confession may doubt that you are trying to hide something.

8. Explain the inconsistencies

Do not let the notes and test results speak for themselves, especially if they say bad things about you! Please explain the bad or uneven performance of your application in your personal statement and reference letters.

9. Be cautious with cutting and pasting

AMCAS warns that if you cut out formatted text from a Word document and paste it into the AMCAS online application, you may encounter formatting problems that cannot be changed after sending your app, their advice is to write your essay or significant experience in plain text, preferably in a word processor, such as Microsoft Notepad or Mac TextEdit, “and then copy it to your application.

10. Recruit readers to review your essay

In order to increase the likelihood that your personal statement will have a broad appeal, you will want to hire at least three readers to view them as a draft:

Completing the AMCAS application

Someone with a history of recognition, like your predestined advisor, who can tell you whether the essay is appropriately addressed to your audience at a medical school

Someone who knows you and who can analyze the essay content based on what they know about you and your passions.

Someone with an English language composition or training can determine whether your statement is properly organized, speaks a fascinating story and is interesting and grammatically correct.

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